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Our football equipment network "Forbes" announced the world's top 100 brands list, Nike in the global economic downturn, still recorded 5% strong increases, and beyond Louis Vuitton, with $27 billion 500 million in total assets to become the highest value of clothing brand in the Baltimore in Xin'an. Eric wedell crow (Eric Weddle) press conference, coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) to discuss how to allocate his team safety out of time. The team has given the answer in an hour later, they announced that cut safety will Hill (Will Hill). But this decision is not entirely based on performance or the depth of the lineup. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Raven made the decision because Hill had a positive drug test result and was banned for 10 games due to violation of NFL drug abuse regulations. This is Hill's fourth violation of this rule. Hill was cutting means cornerback LADA Cornelius Webb (Lardarius Webb) will be changed to safety, and Weddle play together. Less than seven months ago, renewed his contrac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t with Hill for 2 years, with a contract value of $7 million, including $5 million in guaranteed income. Cutting Hill can only help the crow save less than $3 million in salary cap space. Hill in 2014 third in violation of provisions by doping the New York giants laid off, then he joined the Baltimore crow. He was banned in 6 games at the start of the 2014 season. Hill was very good at the giants, but the giant could not trust that Hill would not be banned again.The official website of NFL | giant defender to tackle high school quarterback of the football team | this week, the New York giants' coach group repeatedly stressed to the players that Jacksonville Jaguar ran Denard (Denard Robinson) had been quarterback as a quarterback at college. He is capable and possible to pass the ball in the game. For this, the giant defensive end Jason - Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) has long been in mind. Pierre Paul said he was my high school teammate of the quarterback, and I know him very well. He never laces his shoelaces. It's a little unimaginable, but he has been doing well all the time. I'll try to stop him this week's game and hope I can catch him in the game. Pierre Paul revealed that he and Robinson grew up in the same neighborhood, and showed their heartfelt joy to their friends when they turned to be a runner. Pierre - Paul says: we have to find the right place for us. He's a runaway now, but he's also good at passing. As a defender, we don't want to see him suddenly passing in the holding process, which is a great threat, but we are ready. He is doing very well now, I hope he can continue to fuel, he has the ability to become a great player.The official website of NFL | finale: Hyde shine, 49 people like Vikings Football | Beijing time in September 15th, the Minnesota Viking team was going to host the fiftieth Super Bowl Levi's stadium to challenge the San Francisco 49 team this season. It was the last match of the first round of the season. The match was a match between the 28 teams. How did Haide win Peterson and help 49 people to win the first victory of the season by 20:3 reek vking. first game starts, the 49 people first attack. But they soon got a 28 yard shot. But the ball just flew out was a white shadow suddenly flashed (the Vikings wore a white shirt), 49 shot was blocked! The Vikings center Nelson (K. Nelson) drop the ball return to 49 party 16 yards for holding, the Vikings began the game in the first round of attack from 26 yards. But the quarterback Bridgewater (Bridgewater) did not give the ball star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), but his attempted 3 passes, all failed. The Vikings were 44 yards away. The score is still 0:0. The 49 soon returned the ball to the opposite side. The Vikings were also forced to kick the ball, but at this time, the 49 men's secret service team made a mistake, and the attacker didn't grasp the ball and miss the ball. The Vikings were lucky enough to advance by 40 yards. But the Vikings in 4 grade 3 code attack failed, also a mistake. The first section of the mismatch ended in the 49 person's attack round. No one can break the deadlock in the first section. Most of the time second games can use 4 words to describe: lackluster. The site is yellow flying, both sides can not effectively promote to the other half. At the end of the second quarter, the 49 men finally played a fluent attack. In the second quarter match, in less than 1 minutes, Carlos's Carlos Hyde's spiritual turn successfully broke the field stalemate. 49 in the home game took the lead in the first half of the game with 7:0. The first half of the quarterback Bridgewater 15 in the first half of the game 9, the harvest of 94 yards, the star - spotting star Peterson only 4 holding the ball 14 yards. 49 people, Capet Nick 14 pass 9 in 78 yards, run health Haide 12 times, 83 yards and one shot to the ball. At the beginning of the second half of the , the Vikings significantly increased the number of times Peterson used, but the effect was still poor. In fact, it was 49 people who scored 10 points by shooting. 49 people lead 10:0. In the last attack of the third quarter, Bridge Voight seemed to have found the feeling, 5 in the 5, and ended the third games in the 23 yards of the 49. but the fourth quarter of the game.

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