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Chongqing hong'ao | Bowling bowling tournament in February 2016 first weeks flying saucer player Lin Yanxiang 1266 points to win! Chongqing honglink bowling alley February 2016 first week tournament held at 19:00 last night, this is before the Spring Festival last week, the game is also particularly exciting. After the contestants' strenuous competition, the final flying saucer Lin Yanxiang won the title with a total of 1266 points in this week's match. Chen Anjian, a straight line player, followed second place, and the arc players Yang Jun and Zhang Xuemei won third and fourth respectively. The UFO player won fifth place in Jinhua, and the arc player Wang Yang won the sixth place.New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) admitted in a recent interview, regret not signing the n cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ew England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman). At the start of the 2013 season, Edelman become a free agent, he had to go to the giant trial, but eventually the two sides did not sign. Then the Patriots and Edelman 1. said the trial Edelman, she was still obsessed: "I was his performance attracted the young players very attractive to me very. He's very serious, his attitude towards work, the attitude to rugby, and we can see what he wants. I am now very sorry that I couldn't get him to join the giant. But that's the reality. " can also see that patriots have the ability to change waste into treasure. We doubt that Edelman can achieve the same success in the other teams, at least the Patriot successfully fulfilled for the actual performance of his talent.The main Denver Broncos kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus) in Miami last week in the face of dolphins game missed a 33 yard shot, almost let the team lost the game, but before Macmanus tried 5 times more than 40 yards shot 3 times missed. After Macmanus's shooting, he could see that his teammates were very angry and disappointed. As for the coach and management, they began to think about finding new kickers instead of Macmanus. According to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the Mustang will be on Tuesday on as a free agent veteran Jay Faria (Jay Feely) trial, another veteran kicker Kono - Bass (Connor Barth) will also be on trial. After all, every shot in the playoffs may determine the trend and result of the game. It is imperative to choose an old future instead of the rookie.The official website of NFL | Chicago bears executive Kell long fifth year contract draft | Rugby Chicago bear has become the latest team to perform the fifth year contract option for the 2013 first round show. The bear team ensured that Kell - Lang (Kyle Long), selected in the 2013 draft, will serve a year more for the team. Lang was selected in the professional bowl at third degrees last season, and he had been the bear team for the last three seasons and was just missing a match. recently Cincinnati tigers choose to perform tight end Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) fifth year contract options, but in addition he and Ron, some 2013 first round pick is not so good luck. Barker Vio J Barkevious (Mingo Cordarrelle) may not get such a treatment in Cleveland, Brown. Cordarrelle Patterson may have to wait until the beginning of the new season to know his future in Cleveland. EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) may not get the excess of this year's contract, and Dai Tong - Jones is also in trouble. In the 2013 draft, top 25 only 5 can bring to the team's different players - Lang, efot, ezrin Ansai (Ezekiel Ansah - Kiel), Desmond - trufan te (Desmond Trufant) and blue (Lane Johnson) - Johnson. Safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro) - also has been given fifth year contract with the saints, and has expressed the intention to implement the Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Starr Lo Tuhr Ray (Star Lotulelei) fifth year contract. The team can make a decision in May 3rd to decide whether to carry out the fifth - year contract option for their 2013 first round show.

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