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Michael - Freud (Michael Floyd) is ready to continue his uncertain career in NFL. Minnesota Vikings on Monday raised the veteran's fielder into the 53 person list. In order to make room for him, they cut off Steven Ridley Stevan. Freud had been suspended for 4 games in violation of the federal drug abuse regulations. , who signed a year with the Vikings for one year in May, was disturbed by the over-the-counter events during his career. Take over the Arizona Cardinals and played for the new England patriots in June this year for failing to comply with the driving punishment on their wine and was jailed for 1 days. Freud was positive when he accepted the family sanction, but he claimed that he failed to pass the test because he didn't realize that he drank black tea containing alcohol . was arrested in December last year for h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eavy alcohol, and he pleaded guilty in February this year. After being arrested, cardinals cut him, and then he joined the patriot. reported Freud in the training camp in the well, but now the Vikings took over the position of a galaxy of talents abroad. Sidifeng - Digges (Stefon Diggs) and Adam Sieren (Adam Thielen) this season and the team often continue to take over the second grade outside the pull hole - Trevor Deweier with hope. Freud now has a chance to do something that hasn't been done for any team in a few months - helping the attack team.Carolina Black Panther coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) will carry his twentieth Super Bowl champion to participate in the fiftieth super bowl next week, but he will not choose to wear this ring. in the twentieth super bowl, Rivera stands for the Chicago bear to win 46-10 of the new England patriots. "The ring represents the past experience and the players," Rivera said. "The ring itself is not a must, the important thing is to fight for it." Speaking of the upcoming games, Rivera was calm and excited: "for the fiftieth super bowl, I told the players that this is an experience, and we need to finish the game at last, which is what we are focused on now. I told the players to accept it, enjoy it, and get into it. " local time Friday, the team ended his last training at Sherlock. On Sunday, local time, they will leave for California. The team revealed that the team carried out full equipment training on Friday to maintain its state and excitement., on Tuesday, Oakland, the United States announced the cancellation of their Antonio Antonio Smith by Anthony. Smith only had a season in Oakland, and he signed a two year contract. last season, Smith first 16 games, completed 3 quarterback killing, the team is a strong impact of passing the ball, but the anti - running ability is not good. Smith spent 11 seasons in the league, respectively in the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Dezhou and Oakland Raiders spent in his past 156 field occupation competition contributed a total of 44.5 sacks. now the Raiders have signed up with Dan Williams, the defensive intercepts, to ensure that the defense line has sufficient strength.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has had enough of his supporters that he is always one of the best quarterbacks in history. Miami dolphins pass four quarterback Dan Marino (Dan Marino) recent first TV interview about "bleeding", he said that there was a problem of the new England patriots ball is not enough to influence the American League champion Brady won the 2014. he said: "I have always been Brady's fans, is always, I know him for many years, I think he is one of the greatest players in this position, this has not changed." Marino also said that as a quarterback he needs to consider more than the pressure of the ball. He also said that before he retired in 1999 he didn't know that the League was going to check the ball before the game. He explained: "training on Friday, picking up a good ball is very natural for me. I don't care if I check the ball before the game. I just put it in the bag and take it to the gym, so it's so simple." Marino also said that now there is a big difference from now. Now many teams need quarterback to get the route of the team without adjusting the ball, so that's why he doesn't think it's necessary to check the ball before the match.

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