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ESPN according to the reporter, the Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) is seeking a new contract, the contract is $9 million annual salary of hope. If the contract can be signed Cobb, it means his income is close to his own teammate Jodi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) completed last summer 4 year $39 million contract, but it seems that this year the packers won't sign, because the team can give to Cobb's salary space is 12 million 300 thousand dollars, they need $23 million the space to prepare for the 2015 season. The season is Cobb play a season's best 91 receptions, 1287 yards and 12 touchdowns advance. If the team does not want to sign him, he will be a free player next month, and maybe he will be one of the most talented players in the free market.After lost to Titan in the playoffs this month, the Sheikh's coaching team has experienced several changes. But it was not until this Monday in the United States that some of the changes were released by the team. , offensive qu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ality management coach Mike Kafka (Mike Kafka) has been promoted to quarterback coach and assistant coach Brad Childress (Brad Childress) retired news has been reported. On the defensive side, line guard Gary Gary, who works in the chieftain for nine years, will leave the team. His work will be shared by two people: Mark DeLeone (Mark DeLeone) is responsible for guiding the inside guard, and Mike Smith (Mike Smith) will control the Gibbs. Deleon used to serve as an assistant coach. In addition , Corey - Matie (Corey Matthaei) was promoted to assistant line coach, Joe breimyer (Joe Bleymaier) will serve as quarterbacks coach and assistant analyst pass. Terry Braden (Terry Bradden) will be a defensive quality management coach. The new employment Jay watt Ley (Jay Valai) serves as the defense quality management coach, and David Girardi (David Girardi) serves as the offensive quality management Beijing No. 23 in a preseason game, the new England patriots in the 26 to 24 victory over the catch up from behind, the New Orleans saints. In the game, the saints number one wide receiver Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) shows very good state, almost out of the Patriot defense, he handed the ball 117 yards and 1 touchdowns transcripts with only half the time, and all the big size ball, including one for 45 yards and 36 yards and the ball the two ball 18 yards. did let Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) greatly, he said in an interview after the game: "I'm glad we told the saints are not in the same partition, save a season to face him two times. He is really a great player. " rookie season early because of the route running Cousteau monotonous with smaller stature, led to his time on the court and roles are limited, the ball has more to the short distance. Kukes then focused on the training of running on the track. When he got better and better, he suffered a finger fracture. He had to regret ending the 2014 season. This offseason Cousteau and has been the core team four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) were trained to cultivate more tacit understanding in San Diego. He also took time to the Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) and Steve - Smith took over from, from the same little crow (Steve Smith.Jr) veteran outside to get some experience running routes. and these efforts in training camp and the preseason will soon show up, whether short or long ball attack attack he can safely complete, and make their own good to further enhance the ability to dodge. The future Hall of fame wide receiver Randy (Randy Moss) said Moss Cousteau "it is very strong, the future will be more and more strong."The official website of NFL | Jimmy Graham 75% of the time will open | football for Lynch when the Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) in the New Orleans saints when his main task is to catch the ball. At that time he didn't have much to do, and now the role of Graham in Seattle has changed, and he needs more running for the run. Graham is so explained: in the past 2 years, I need to do is stop and go out and look for opportunities, now, I need more time to stop, I love this job, this is an important part of me here, this is I have to do 75% things here, I want to be a part of it a team. is the remaining 25% of the time needed Graham to catch the ball, which includes a lot of long distance 3 ball, this is the reason why he would become saints, star said: 3 10 yards, which is why I can get the big contract, it is why I am out of the ordinary. And in the red area, this is the most efficient area. if Graham is your Fantasy player, you may be suffering from the above conversation. In the past four seasons, Graham averaged 89 times a year to catch the ball, and promoted 1099 yards to finish 11.5 touchdown. If the report is true, then his catch will be reduced to 25%. the rest of the time we will see him as a protective net is beast mode, perhaps this Saijima Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) of the array will be more opportunities.

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