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The official website of NFL, Terrence Williams do not regret in football, wo get cowboy cowboy receiver Terrence Williams (Terrence Williams) has become a free agent in March 9th this year, he can choose to sign with another team. But he decided to drop his salary and stay in the Dallas cowboy. 3 months passed, and Williams did not regret his decision. it's not about money. Williams said I had a chance to make a lot of money, but the important thing was people. My friends in the dressing room, and the coaches who instruct me on the field. It's much more important than money. this 2013 will show three as No. two in the Cowboys took over. he finished 44 matches in the last season and completed the 52 catch in the 2015 season. The next season with Bryant Mendez cowboy receiver (Dez Bryant), near end Jason Witten (Jason Witten), the external tank Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) and Ryan swits (Ryan Switzer), running back Elliot and Ezekiel Williams of the ball, probably not too many opportunities. aside from Williams, he will be able to keep him at $4 million 250 thousand a year, and the cowboy must be very happy. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.New Orleans saints will bring the City Super Bowl Champions one after another. NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported Wednesday, according to reliable sources that Pierre - Thomas (Pierre Thomas) was laid off the saints. He entered the team as a free player 8 years ago and played a core offensive role in the team for 8 years. you might say that the Super Bowl hero of the saints' attachment to them has been too long. The team had to let go of players such as Will Smith and Roman Harper (Roman Harper) because of the salary cap problem. Thomas had been holding a handsome salary, but the proportion of him in attack was decreasing with Smith. Last season as a third running back data for the 45 red ball, 45 ball. , we will never forget that he is one of the symbols of the saints era. He was also one of the best guards in the league's screen attack. The saints also had high efficiency because of his screen attack. Thomas was in the super bowl from the Indiana Colts won the ball up front screen perfectly embodies the characteristics of their own, let the game become in the last ten years is not much The weak overcame the strong. classic.Let's take a look at the Manchester United shirt for the 2017-18 season. No one does not remember the rough pattern of the shirt in the 1990-92 season. It was the avant-garde design that led the fashion design of the whole time. Looking back at the past and looking to the future, Manchester United's new stadium shirts are paying tribute to this epoch-making design and the club's long history.Water polo | sports press development | spring press forum held in Beijing picture is director Liu Peng's speech the sports world is closely related to the press, supporting each other and developing together. This is the consensus reached by the delegates at the 2013 new spring journalists symposium held in Beijing in January 31st in Beijing. The Chinese sports journalists association is in Beijing, and the leaders of the central, Beijing and local media sports departments attend the symposium. The representatives of the participants will speak freely and actively contribute to the development of sports and sports news publicity. The from active sports public service system construction, establish and perfect the system in line with the development of sports occupation mechanism, vigorously carry forward the spirit of sports, to pay attention to positive propaganda, and actively guide the public opinion, the crisis public relations, establish a spokesperson system, to focus on new media publishing and management, leading the sports theory research and so on, all the delegates proposed a lot of valuable advice. The map is the site of the Symposium Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of physical education, attended the Symposium and spoke. Liu Peng said that in order to further implement the eight provisions of the Central Political Bureau on improving style and keeping close ties with the masses, this year's new spring press forum has changed considerably compared with the Spring Festival press conference form and content in the past year. Liu Peng, together with the enthusiasm of the discussion, a cup of tea, a deep friendship described the forum. Liu Peng, first of all, thanked the media friends for the help and support of sports for many years. After listening to speeches and editors of many years of sports journalism, Liu Peng said that your support and attention is one of the important driving forces for the development of sports industry. The development of China's sports industry is inseparable from the cheer and support of sports media. In the past year, the sports industry has made new progress and achievements. This is the result of the concerted efforts of the sports community. It also benefits from the concern, understanding and support from all walks of life, including the press. The news media is the record, Chinese sports development and growth of the witness, propagandist and animator, a credit of all sports medals. Figure Commissioner Liu Peng and Cleveland reporter shook hands with Liu Peng said, sports media along with the development of sports business all the way, the antennae penetrated into all aspects of sports business, and the positive energy of the sports community needs to be disseminated through the media to expand the influence. In the coming year, the sports industry will continue to do all kinds of work, and we hope that through the reports of the media, we will give more constructive suggestions and suggestions to sports people. For the opinions and suggestions made at the symposium, we will sort out one by one, improve one by one, and carry out the development of sports. General Administration Deputy Bureau

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