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Our football equipment network company in Argentina Adidas club today jointly announced the 2018 season the team's new second Jersey, the classic "three shirt" inherited gene and spirit club, the team will play against Godoy Cruise in February 18th at the monument Stadium (Godoy Cruz) game in New Jersey unveiled. Jersey entire back is white, in addition to the traditional display LED after the slogan "El Mas Grande (greatest)", also cleverly integrated into the Argentina national flag elements. In addition, the specially designed red number fonts are inspired by the number style of the 1986-87 season and salute the great river bed team.The official website of NFL | receiver Smith hope Capet Nick do to give him a long ball football | The training camp and the pre - season match are the time for new faces in the team to try to establish a tacit agreement before the game starts to become important. The tacit understanding and relationship between the quarterback and the outer hand is an important part cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the offensive team's training in August. 49 people in San Francisco the first day of training camp, quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) and speed a new team wide receiver Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) completed a long pass with. After that, according to reports it is difficult for them to do a lot of this makes Smith with a long pass, more opportunity to catch. I feel like is not the speed or spree is the world's fastest man or what, Smith told local media that. But sometimes I feel, 'Hey, I can run, brother. You can pass it there and I'll run to the seat for you. ' Smith in the past four seasons during the period of average per catch Baltimore crow 16.9 yards, and four crow Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) are not afraid to pass long pass. this to Capet Nick really need to adjust the receiver amkhan - (Anquan Boldin) said bolding. A player with that speed, you have to learn how to pass the ball to him, they are still in the learning stage. One of the things that should pay attention to when it comes to the pre season is how to cultivate a tacit understanding of the combination. He has shown that he can finish the attack in important circumstances, Capet Nick said. This is a point we want to use. in recent years, 49 people's passing attacks have been retreating. The new coaching team hopes that Smith's ability to pass the long pass can open the gap in the opponent's defense team and make Capet Nick better. In the two full season of the first quarterback, Capet Nick occasionally failed to develop a tacit agreement with the other than Boulding. He needs to make progress to help the 49 attack team have a chance of success this season.on Thursday U.S. time, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Nick announced the dismissal of Falk (Nick Folk). Falk is the 2007 cowboy's six round show. Last year, 10.9 had a knee injury into the injury reserve list. The injury needed surgery. Last week, the doctor announced that Falk has been recovered, can continue to play pirates so don't put him in the list again. Falk originally will become a free agent next month. Falk Roberto Aguayo (Roberto Aguayo) and Zach Kerr (Zach Hocker), after the pirates to find third fire kicker, but his performance is not satisfactory: four games 11 free kick attempt completed only 6 times, 9 times and two times for additional shot up. is earlier in jeans and a jet of data, Falk career 11 season kick attempt success rate of 80.3%.|2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only European countries | pending bid hand Association The picture shows the French team winning the champion in the men's World Championships in Sweden in January this year. Luca according to the International Sports Press Association news, December 15th, the International Handball Federation Council in the twentieth World Women's Handball Championship held in Brazil St Paul voted to host country of the 2017 World Men's and women's handball championship. currently, Germany is the only country to bid for the twenty-third world women hand Championships in 2017. Germany hosted the two World Championships in 1965 and 1997, and hosted the five men's World Championships in 1958, 1961, 1974, 1982 and 2007. France and Denmark are competing for the right to host the twenty-fifth World Men's hand Championships in 2017. The bid materials from Norway arrived at the International Federation of handcrafts headquarters after the bid deadline. The validity of the bid materials is still at the final decision of the International Federation of handcraft Council in December 15th. Denmark hosted the world men's hand Championships in 1978, and jointly hosted the world women's championships with Norway in 1999. France is the host country of the world championships in 1970 and 2001 and the world championships in the 2007 Women's hand. The International Handball Federation has chosen the host of the next two world handball championships, which are: 2013 men: Spanish 2013 women: Serbia 2015 men: Qatar 2015 women: Danish (Yi Wen)

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