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Beijing time on December 1st morning, San Diego lightning with a last minute touchdown with a 34:33 advantage lore Baltimore crow, won the game after the lightning has made three straight, firmly grasp the American League wild card seat. And because of the Cincinnati tiger of the north of the United States of the United States of the United States to win this week, the victories of the ravens and the tigers were separated to 1.5, the situation is not optimistic. after the start of the race home court battle crow to quickly enter the state, the crow four Joe Flach (Joe Flacco) through the continuous conduction way into the red lightning area, through a time-consuming 4 minutes of the attack from the outside over Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) completed 16 yard touchdown catch, crow made the 7:0 lead. On the other hand, the lightning side is in a slow state. The Philip Rivers, the lightning quarterback, is cut off by the Raven line Darryl Smith (Daryl Smith) for the first time, and directly leads to the success of the Raven shooting. The raven is leading by 10:0. Philip Rivers. However, after adjusting the lightning started on the right track, rely on a wave of short run together without taking offensive attack all the way to th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e front end and then Rivers crow, the team's top line receiver Keenan Allen (Keenan Allen) completed a 12 yard touchdown, pull the score to 7:10. Enter the second quarter offensive sides are weakened in the second quarter, both in the short distance of the slow pace of the advance attack tactics, are not what improvement, can only rely on the score, with lightning kicker Nick Novak (Nick Novak) completed a 52 yard shot at 10:16, lightning backward into halftime. the second half back, lightning fast attack, relying on Malcolm - Freud (Malcom Floyd) 49 yard ball quickly scored the crow hinterland frontier, but red efficiency is poor, can only rely on the end of the shooting attack, this came at 13:16. Then the crow fast respond by continuous run and combined with the referee's help the way forward, and again from the outside over the Torre Smith catching a touchdown, crow score will be expanded to 23:13. Entering the fourth quarter, the backward lightning finally began to accelerate the attack rhythm. Rivers completed two deep distance passes and finished the 14 yard dash to reach the goal by Ryan Mathews, and the score was to be 20:23. The leading crow knows the importance to control the time, began continuous short and road attack, also with a defensive ball lightning interference, the successful completion of toothpaste type of propulsion, and by Flach himself for 1 yards touchdown, the score will be re opened, the important thing is that this wave of successful attack consumes nearly 7 minutes, to reverse the lightning time only 6 minutes. At this time Rivers opened the "elite quarterback" mode, continuous distance far-reaching find Keenan - Allen completed in advance, and three minutes left in the game to find Allen completed a touchdown will Zhuizhi the score just 3 points. Then the Raven got a good return to the attack.The official website of NFL | Vikings coach believes Bridgewater can play the next game | football Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) took part in the complete training on Friday. Although he had not passed the brain concussion inspection process, the coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said he thought Bridgewater would play the next match. Asked if he thought Bridgewater would start Bridgewater on Friday, Zimmer said, I don't have any doubts. for the next match against the Oakland Raiders, Bridgewater may not be determined to be formally listed as a battle. In the game against the Saint Louis rams in the game, he ended up at a time when the ball head by rams defender LaMarcus Joyner in the preparation of sliding (Lamarcus Joyner) elbow impingement. Joyner was fined 23152 dollars for that. did not receive the media interview during the concussion check process this week, but Zimmer said all week that he thought his quarterback would be able to play the game. Bridge, Voight,The official website of NFL | defensive end Bennet | renewed talks with the Seahawks football Bennet of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) and Sean - Lynch has MA (Marshawn Lynch) cooperation brokers, these people started before last season to help Lynch get a contract, and now it appears the unique idea of similarity. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) news, the Bennet side during the NFL test camp with the Seahawks met to discuss the new contract. Bennet had previously signed a $32 million 4 - year contract in 2014. The Seahawks team freedom of speech, while Bennet has been talking about his worth a new contract. Many players talk about the team cutting out those players who are not worthy of a big contract, but what about the players that are worthwhile? Bennet scored 10 hits last season. He has been one of NFL's most influential pass players in the past few seasons. He hopes to renew his contract or at least rebuild the contract to reflect this. In many ways, he represents the kind of help to build the ruling class and the Seahawks defensive Seahawks keeping the future smart lineup pose a challenge.The official website of NFL | news: cowboy or against the Broncos running back to | football 's Montee Ball, who is going to be out of work in Denver, may be exempt from unemployment. Recently, Dallas cowboy expressed his intention for Bauer. At present, Bauer is competing for the wild horse's running list. But he is behind other running guards. He didn't perform well in the United States Thursday's pre-season match. He only carried 27 yards in 16 games. is reliable news that Bauer will be given up by wild horses, but cowboys are not ready to deal with wild horses, so everything remains to be seen. Bauer has been disappointed in Denver since the start of the 2013 rookie season. Last season, he held the ball 52 times to advance 172 yards. The data can still be done, and a team like cowboys seems willing to rediscover the running potential of the second round draft.

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