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The official website of NFL | ten missed the Super Bowl football team | great has another week to be a super bowl. The new England patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, the two teams is the strongest league teams, regardless of who claim the championship will be a great game. Super bowl is a special game, not a powerful side will win, there are a lot of great teams in the history at the end of the super bowl. 10, 1988 season Cincinnati tigers regular season 12 wins and 4 losses that year, the tigers took no offense to revolutionize the way to super bowl. But in the face of San Francisco 49 people when the offensive group is panic, only a touchdown, but they are still in the leading 16-13. Unfortunately, Joe Montana was in 49 people and finally killed the tiger with 20-16. 9, 1978 season Dallas cowboy When won the 1977 season, the cowboy team ended the 78 - season regular season with 12 wins and 4. Super bowl against Pittsburgh Steelers, once in 35-17 behind, finally to 35-31, but ultimat cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ely did not have enough time to claim the championship. 8, 1969 season Minnesota Viking The last year of the merger between AFL and NFL, the Vikings were 12 - 2 in the regular season, and the super bowl against the Sheikh of Kansas City. In the game, the Vikings scored only once, and the attack and defense were not good. Finally, 23-7 lost the game. 7, 1983 season, Washington red skin 14 - 2 in the regular season, and the defending champion red skin wanted to win again in the 83 season, and the Super Bowl faced the Losangeles Raiders. The red skin team was backwardness, only got 1, and finally 9-38. 6, 2004 season Philadelphia Eagle then the eagle with 13 wins and 3 negative end of the regular season, the super bowl for the new England patriots. The eagle was backward throughout the field and rebounded slightly at the end of the year, but eventually it was 24-21 no enemy to the Patriots. 5 and 1984 season Miami dolphin with the most powerful passing attack of the time, dolphin to 〉The official website of NFL | ray Weiss: very excited to return to the playoffs | football The playoffs are not new to the new England patriot Daryl ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis). last week enjoy the bye week, the Patriots will be on Saturday against Baltimore crow. Although he didn't take part in the fierce confrontation between any crow and the Patriots in recent years, ray Weiss was familiar with his opponents, and he knew how hard the game would be. They were very explosive, Lives said. They have a good attack, and that's what our defense team really has to pay attention to. Lives may occasionally mark has 14 years of career wide receiver Steve Smith (Steve Smith Sr.). Although already 35 years old, Smith in the first year of the surrender of a crow effect of regular season data very beautiful, receiving yards over 1000 yards and scored 6 touchdowns. In the last week against Pittsburgh Steelers wild card game, Smith made 5 receptions for 101 yards. His age was only on paper, but still strong, Lives said. He is very strong. He has a good physical confrontation. He is very fast. He is very skillful. He has all the conditions you want to take over. He is one of the strongest players in the league, and he still can complete the large number of attacks. I used to mark him, there have been some great showdown between us. This man is a can create an impact player, he is a big player. 's confrontation between ray Weiss and Smith is not more important than the potential confrontation on Saturday. When patriots face a winning goal, many may expect Lives and second line defenders to limit the crows. But that's not what makes ray Weiss worried now. I'm just trying to play out what I've been doing every week and try to get ready, Lives said. I won't try to pay attention to too much or how important this game is. Just do the same thing, come on and finish the same quality defense.even-even football equipment network Nike today officially released the 2015 season Club America third Jersey, it is also a Nike 2014-15 season Hi-Vis (highly visual effects) as part of a series of third jerseys. In September 2014, Nike launched a new Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, inter, Juventus and Manchester Hi-Vis third Jersey, jersey with maximum visibility show bright colors vibrant aims to highlight the bright light lamp. shirt design is the same shirt highlighting other Nike template based on using bright colors to draw attention. The strong color of the shirt will give the athlete more attention on the court.The Ministry of education requires that featured schools and pilot counties and counties should open Internet based campus football information platform, open up the progress of campus football, report football activities, exchange experience and show special achievements. Educational administration departments at all levels at all levels put the work of characteristic schools and pilot counties into the evaluation of educational supervision and school sports activities, and implement special inspections regularly.

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