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automatic playback switch automatically play Pearce singled out the match score collection breakthrough back playing well versed in loading... Tencent sports news Beijing time on February 11th, according to NBA reporter Marc J. Spears revealed that the Celtics for Pearce today held a retirement celebration dinner, in tomorrow's game against Cleveland, the green army will be held at the Pearce Jersey retirement ceremony, however, Garnett, ray Allen and Rondo is not expected to attend. Pearce will be retiring at tomorrow Pearce's Jersey to be retired, in his 19 season, his first 15 season playing for Celtic in the Lvshan army, "the truth" averaged 21.8 points and 6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, helping the team win the championship in 2008, during the period of Celtic, Pearce received a total of 24021 in team history, ranked second, is only inferior to Ha Free Cheik. Pearce's number 34 jersey will become the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping twenty-second jersey number retired Celtics history, he is also since 2003, Marx, the first to enjoy the honor of the Celtics' jersey, February 12th, Pearce's number 34 jersey will be high hanging in the TD garden. Green Army legend Robert Parrish in an interview he said: "Pearce is the Celtics history's greatest offensive player." today, the green army also held a ball service retirement dinner for Pearce, but unfortunately, on the night of Pearce's Jersey, his three former partners Garnett, ray Allen and Rondo were not expected to attend. 2007, along with Garnett and Allen joined the Celtics, the formation of the big three, and work together to win the 2008 championship, and Rondo growth, green army group of four all-powerful, but with ray Allen in 2012 to Miami, the green army three giant disintegration. In 2013, the Celts packed Pearce and Garnett into the net, and sent to Rondo in 2014, which meant the end of an era. as the year to rivals, ray Allen, Garnett, and Pearce had Rondo xingtongmolu, however, ray Allen and Pearce in the last year together are invited to participate in the Basketball Super Penguin masters, many years later meet again, two people sit together talking, swallowing too. (cat big bear) copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.The Arizona Cardinals so far this season 11 wins and 2 losses record well. will not have too much pressure on the whole team's next game, but the atmosphere of the team's joy seems to have begun. the United States time on Friday afternoon, the Cardinals' twitter released the cover, it is reported that Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) because the team lost the bet and had to put on a gorgeous clown. has only made 2 rounds of Peterson's 13 games so far, so that he has failed to pass the ball for 8 times. Obviously, this data is not good enough for the top league corner guard. He doesn't know whether he will have a state rebound after losing the bet. The however a few meters large which is not suitable for the modeling of the clown.Miami will play against the Seattle Seahawks dolphins in the first week. The dolphin's professional bowl takes the place of Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry). It means that the team will not avoid passing the ball to Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman). Landry said: "there is no doubt that he is the highest level guard in the league. We respect him very much, but we will not avoid him. I think our attack team will be looking forward to the opportunity to challenge players like him. dolphin replacement coach in the offseason, Adam - Garth (Adam Gase) took office, but he is not optimistic about the history against the seahawks. In the past 3 times, Garth's team were lost to the Seahawks team averaged only 261.33 yards, including the Denver Broncos and the Seahawks super bowl. Landry confessed, "personally, I want to win. I am a competitor, no matter who the opponent is, I want to win on the court.even-even soccer equipment network on 2016, Lyon club will be in the new "lights (Stade des stadium Lumiè RES)" to open a new journey. In January 9th, the twentieth round of the French league season Lyon and Troyes team, the two teams will jointly staged a new stadium opener. stadium lights is a modern professional football stadium, with 58927 seats, it is also one of the European Cup stadium hosted in France in 2016. Jersey using Adidas's latest innovative technologies, including ClimaCool technology and new mesh design, to ensure that players have the most advanced equipment and technology support.

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