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the new season in the big screen with the race to determine the countdown, the team unveiled only get ready for battle. The clothes horse saddle, embark on a new season, a new shirt will make people look forward to, but in the past for a long period of time, the super team jersey seems to have been "packaged Jersey", in addition to advertising and logo, each team jersey is almost no difference, such "routine I have so many fans" began to become dejected and despondent in the new season. 80 super billion in the past two years, the price of the transfer fee and big players constantly shocked the Football Super League, international influence and brand gradually expanded, but when people pick up a magnifying glass to look fine, our own league only in Jersey design even in Japan are not adjacent, J far from the Super League Hao "but the details are far more than the super good. in the latest release of the J League shirt, shirt sponsor up to 10, 4 of Puma club service has become the biggest sponsor, compared to international brands Nike and Adidas, the Japanese local sports brand sponsored the 3 clubs and the sales volume is very high. A number of sports brands for the Japanese League design shirt, which also makes the Japanese League Jersey type, style, pattern, color and other aspects of the characteristics. Started in the last century, the 90s J League and Chinese occupation League start the same starting line, but the J League since its beginning by the Japanese design circle and shirt desi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gn breakthrough innovation, mosaic color and geometric pattern of strong contrast design is very bold in his shirt, and look at us now the shirt is probably not that rich. The design of the shirt is full of all kinds of value in the Japanese mind, not a simple piece of clothing. We can know Japanese football atmosphere through daily reports. Although there is no attendance rate of three or forty thousand at the Super League, the stability of the fans group also indirectly promotes the club's continuous improvement. Taking cherry blossoms in Osaka as an example, although the record is generally, the attendance rate of around 20 thousand is considerable, and the number is rising at ten percent annually. The chief commercial officer of Osaka cherry club said that the concept of cherry blossoms is very popular at present. Especially the number of female fans is increasing. Therefore, we have made many extensions to the concept of cherry blossoms. Besides the design of Jersey, some derivatives are also very popular.NFL official website, Dezhou defence group core is placed in the injured reserve list, w football nest JJ- Watt (J.J. Watt) will have to wait until the next season to hit the unprecedented fourth NFL defensive player of the year. the league's most powerful defender was re - injured in the back of Houston's Dezhou defeat to the new England patriots. Watt is likely to miss the rest of the season. Dezhou people announced on Wednesday that Watt was put in the list of injuries. The team is now hoping that he can return to the end of the season to help the team hit the playoffs. Dezhou chief Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) told reporters that he did not know whether Watt needed surgery. before Watt missed all the pre - season games due to the surgical treatment of the disc herniation at the end of the July. Although Watt has never missed a game in his 6 year career, he has been injured 2 times in the last 4 games. Watt recently revealed that he had many muscle tearing in the playoffs last season and asked himself if he could play again. Last week's back injury Watt was the first to catch less than 3 times and have failed to hit the quarterback since the 2011 rookie season. even if Watt had shown a decline in the season, the Dezhou people were still the biggest hit in the south of the United States. In the first two weeks of the game, their passing impact was the most ferocious of the league. But after the loss of watts, their upper limit was lower. In the patriot is zero after they have been questioned, and the rest to Midland team competition. but the greater concern is for Watt's long-term health. Back injuries can destroy an athlete's career in all sports. After only 5 NFL seasons, Watt has reached the hall of fame. His field capture (0.82) was the most captured in 1982. can watt return to his previous state when he returns to the field? This is a good question, but we do not despise him. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL and | Steelers coach Tomlin's contract until 2018 | football since 1969 Pittsburgh Steelers only three coach, they did not intend to let the boss leave soon. ??????????????????????????????-?????(Mike Tomlin)?????2018?????? The 43 year old Tomlin since 2007 has served as the team coach. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the new contract will let Tomlin become one of the highest three to five coach coach NFL salary but also all sports league. Mike has proved that he is one of the top managers in the league. We are confident that he will continue to lead the team to compete for the next Super Bowl champion, and Art Rooney II, the president of the team, said in a statement. Tom Lin said in a statement, "I really appreciate this renewal, but my concern has always been on the challenge of facing the 2015 season ahead. In the past nine years, the Steelers for my family is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to pursuing Steelers annual goals for Pittsburgh City, another super bowl champion. Although for a long-term plan for the Steelers Tomlin there is some speculation, a lot of facts on Tomlin in eight seasons: the good, the team never had a losing season, they made the playoffs five times in total. Twice led the team to the Super Bowl Tomlin and win a championship. His regular season was 82 - 46 and he won more than 46 in the playoffs (5 - 4). is similar to the quarterback, and a good coach is hard to find and almost impossible to replace, especially in a rapidly changing competitive environment today. Tomlin has just begun and he wanted to make sure the Steelers feel at home.The official website of NFL | saints boss said | of silent football defensive coordinator of the future New Orleans saints ended a disappointing season. At present, the most popular discussion on the team is the question of whether Rob Ryan can stay. Coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) was silent on the issue in an interview. Payton said: everyone has his own position, the player has the things that the player needs to care about, and the coach has the things that the coach needs to grasp. I don't think it's the right time to talk about it in the right position. At least not now, I won't make any point of view. This season, the saints averaged loss of number thirty-first in the league in points allowed per game ranked twenty-eighth. Injuries may be one of the reasons for bad performance, but more importantly, the team has too many missing escapement and also struggles to cover defense. is the eleventh season of Ryan's defensive coordinator. However, he has only 2 seasons to lead the team to the top 13 in defensive ranking. Instead, there are 5 seasons in the top 5. According to NFL official network reporter, Payton is more inclined to let the team retain Ryan, he does not want the team to replace the defensive coordinator only two years later.

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