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Seattle Seahawks and defender Brandon Bronner's reunion and come to an end. has learned that the team has decided to cut him out to make sure that the team's list is reduced to 75. Previous attempts to Blanna from the Seahawks cornerback into a security guard, but did not play a significant role. 2011-2013 season for the Seahawks Bronner play 36 games to finish 10 steals, 2 touchdowns and 117 tackle, 2012 season for violating the league rules were suspended and the absence of that year's super bowl. 2014 to the 2015 season he Bronner patriot, New Orleans saints play, but surrendered the worst League cornerback data.Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) in a week ago said in an interview with the Seattle Seahawks will go all out in the game, fr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping om the actual situation, he cheated all people. The cardinals in the first half slump, morale, in the second half is off - including Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer), some of the main players. Asked whether it was part of the pre match plan, said, "of course," A Ryans said. Obviously, the Cardinals have been eyeing the playoffs, their goal this season is to win the super bowl. A Ryans said, the team plans to preserve the strength in the game with the Seahawks, fight wins won't risk. In the program, A Ryans once said, "as a coach, I'm not here to please anyone." I will only make the decision that I think is good for the team. " The 60 year old A Ryans had the Cardinals to a new level, he and the team are looking forward to create new history in this season.Kansas chiefs safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) was the doctor diagnosed right breast cancer after the season. The chief executive of chieftain, Rick Burkholder, announced the announcement on Monday, and revealed that Berri would go to a lymphoma specialist to make final diagnosis on Monday. The chieftain said it was the primary judgment of lymphoma and was placed on a list of non Rugby related injuries on Monday. Berri then issued a statement: "I sincerely thank all my family, friends, coaches, teammates and all the Emirates fans. I was shocked by the diagnosis on Saturday, but I didn't want to miss the game. But I understand that I have to focus on a new opponent at the moment. I was full of confidence in my doctors, and I believe that the treatment they gave me would make me beat the disease at the end. I appreciate and cherish being part of the Sheikh team and playing in front of the most enthusiastic fans of NFL. I'll come back! " Burke Holder said Berri never complained about anything before last Thursday against the Oakland Raiders. He had a normal physical examination at the beginning of the season. Manager Andy - Reed (Andy Reid) said Berri was able to get to the team on Monday to understand the condition and "feel the love and support of everyone." Berri, a 25 year old, has been selected for the 3 career bowl, and this year is his fourth season. The Sheikh was still full of confidence in his future, and warned that the disease was still early.The official website of NFL | pirates with virtual reality technology to help Winston | football pirates will use every way to help Winston Winston Jameis develop better, including virtual reality technology (VR). pirate's offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter (Dirk Koetter) said: this will be good for Winston's learning tactics, so we will try to use this technology. And Winston himself said: I have never used this technology before, and I know that the cowboy has been used before, which will help me get a better grasp of the tactical idea. but the biggest problem at the moment is that the pirates haven't found the right system. Curt said: the staff told me that it would take some time to debug. I said, no, I need jemis to be able to use it right away. It is believed that this technology will be used by more NFL teams in the near future.

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