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Rugby movies have always had a fairly high ratings in the United States. As a country crazy for rugby, favorite sports and familiar stars have basically guaranteed the success of the box office. Chinese football fans should be familiar with the bloody man, "Remember The Titans", starring Denzel Washington. The impact of the 2002 football World Cup, the country foot inside the cliquey do not buy it, Milutinovic took this movie brought hope to increase the cohesion of the team. The Hollywood film "match of the day (Game Day)", "challenge Sunday (Any Given Sunday)" in the United States known to every family coach before the game, instant speech is to motivate players college high school football coach numerous adaptations, hard to motivate himself on the field team.The bad performance of Chicago cheap nfl jerseys free shipping bear's quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Culter) caused the team to lose 10 to 36 to Tampa Bay pirates. now his performance has been questioned his teammate Black, according to the news reporter Mike - Freeman (Mike Freeman) news, he received 2 bear players newsletter, this two person said that now bears the majority of players want the team to give up the veteran quarterback. A player briefed Freeman, "Cutler can't play the role of team leader in the battle against pirates on Sunday, which makes players feel bad. , Cutler's 32 pass 16 in the match, promoted 182 yards, 1 touches, 2 times were copied, and got the worst 55.1 quarterback score in the past 3 years, one of which made the opponent finish the battle, and Cutler dropped the ball again. Cutler last week after the restoration of finger helped the team beat the Minnesota Vikings, but it seems very difficult to change the players on his views, his performance as well as the stadium locker room status is very bad, only Fawkes team coach John (John Fox) the United States Monday still support Cutler as the starting quarterback for the next week's game. , so far this season, the bears are 2 to 7. As the team stars take over Arsen Alshon (Alshon Jeffery), they are banned for a month. This season is probably Cutler's last season in Chicago. ? The official website of NFL | group is not worried about the Seahawks defensive offensive football | high frequency The Seattle Seahawks defensive group the current state rebounded back 2 weeks they just let the opponent get 6 points in total. This week, the Seahawks will face the offensive firepower, rhythm of Philadelphia eagle. The Sea Hawk is not worried about this special opponent. coach Carol Carroll said, "I know that their attacking tempo is very fast. We will see what extent they can play in the match." (Pete Carroll) To be honest, I don't worry about that. Our training has been very compact, and we know how to win. Carol also spoke in the interview with the new England patriot in 2012, and this season's match with the Denver Mustang, proving that his team is not afraid of his opponent's high-speed attack. star Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) also supported the manager's opinion in the interview: there would be no change to the team. We don't do anything, it's just a game. Everyone knows the way the opponent is attacking. What we need to do is to be disciplined and concentrate.The official website of NFL | Josh - Norman was fined for wearing shoes | football slogan recently NFL gave a $5000 ticket to Josh Josh, a black leopard in Carolina, because he wore shoes with patriotic slogans during his match against Green Bay Packers in Josh. Norman later admitted that he was not punished for wearing shoes with red, white and blue colors, but because he was punished for his pride and brave slogans on shoes. He said he would appeal on this. Norman explained: I have engraved these slogans on the inside, and I can't do without the encouragement of these slogans. finally Norman said he was going to auction the shoe on the Internet, and the money he got would be donated to the North South Carolina military. related news: wrapper Manager: will be very respectful of Norman

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