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Miami dolphin announced on Saturday, Beijing time, the team's star catcher Mike Mike (Mike Wallace) plus a seventh round of draft pick up transaction this year to Minnesota Vikings, in exchange for a five round of signing this year. was not satisfied with Wallace last season and refused to play because of his dissatisfaction with the team's tactics. Wallace's basic salary for next season was $9 million 850 thousand, before he made clear the refusal to reorganize the contract, which made the dolphins in urgent need of the salary space unbearable. But since then, dolphins have been very talented young Kenny Kenny Stills, which allows dolphins to have Wallace's capital cleaned up by trading. was traded to the Vikings for Wallace is a good result, after all, have a lot of space Viking can meet his salary demands, at the same time, Wallace's father also revealed that the Vikings considered Wallace fear of cold, so allow it in the off-season can not stay in Minnesota. , it can be said that this deal is a win-win situation. Dolphins make room for salary and take the next step in a leisurely way. The Vikings have also been taken over by stars to help Bridgewater Teddy grow better.2016 regular season in full swing, Gexianshentong eight region, but we seem to gradually forget that do not rely on the elite quarterback, can sweep the National League West alliance. The other one is not concerned by the fact that in recent years in the west how teams of ups and downs, but no matter how lying stan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ding sitting posture, 49 people can always beat the crap out of ram, the last 23 meetings, 49 people with 16 wins 6 flat 1 negative overwhelming advantage, the last game of the season opening week. Two look the strength of the team played the game the following contents: ram upsets blain - defensive front and bot be safe, but 49 people rely on the offensive defense group suspended routine pavement fancy ram and 49 corner guards, super standard to complete the task, tightly grabbed catch group ram is not strong, Keith keener, also can only be captured. The final result, the 49 home 28 to 0 to finish the ram. Of course, the competition was affected by some accidental factors, such as 49 people killed in the red area of the rams at four degrees, and all the scores were cut down by 100 per cent. but the next season will be some surprising progress: 49 four successive defeats, and the rams are even grams, the Seahawks pirates and cardinals, just because of injury problems did not stop the pace winning streak. Mr. Jin Yong's masterpiece "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", Wudang zushi ye Zhang Sanfeng taught a secret "Joyoung scriptures" in Zhang Wuji: "he is strong by his strong breeze whisk hills." The real football world of San Francisco 49 people may hear these words, I have to change, not domineering, it became his strong any he, I only do the ram." Is it true that the rams have rebounded at the bottom of the touch? rams scored 16.4 points in the season, second in the league, 284.2 yards in the field, the worst in the league, and 44.4% in the 44.4% red area. The attack of the rams is all disappointing. analysis, the highly anticipated attack code pavement for 3.1 yards, second reciprocal alliance, Todd entered the second season as Karli, ma - Sean Lynch retired, the Geerliben become a new generation of alliance beast running back, can attack the front line as in the past bad, hindering the wayward little beasts grow. People said gold cowboy frontline is piled up by the first round of offensive talent, in fact the ram attack in front of a first round show Bangyan, two second round show, a round of the show, investment is not less, but the value of the basic power and jeans, RAM pick value can attack the front talent, Bangyan 2014 show Greg Robinson still failed to honor his talent. Gly's own problem? Last season, his playing style is bold and uninhibited, the lack of some fine lines, and this season's Lee did not make any progress, they are good at breakthrough grapple skill disappeared, elite running back on the road, it is not a step to heaven. passing attack, in addition to equally clumsy, it kicked off quickly find Xiecha line Tavern - Austen this trick, besides the ram almost no stable routine, but did not catch on trustworthy, "Fulham Club ushered them into the Premier League since the tenth season in the season, the club launched a special edition of the home court Jersey, New Jersey in the summer announced new season based home court Jersey chest badge and will sponsor all processed into silver, this small change in the outside world can be said "cautious and low-key". Fulham 2000-01 after the end of the season in the Football League for the first time among the champions of the Premier League, and promoted many flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the team began in the Premier League stopped heel, first season not only avoid relegation, also has rounded out the FA Cup four; the past 2009-10 season is a can the annals of the season for Fulham football club, in their first European League final finals runner up, this is the best club in Europe.Les NFL website | ray ban revoked | football to win the appeal Before Baltimore crow running back ray rice (Ray Rice) from NFL may return to a giant step. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) first reported Rician's appeal on Friday, according to people familiar with the matter. The decision will cancel the league's indefinite ban on its punishment. Leslie was able to qualify immediately. - ray rice at the start of the season for his appeal for the overthrow of NFL suspended indefinitely after his punishment, domestic violence in Atlantic City because of the hotel elevator beating fiancee videos and regeneration waves. Before the judge made a decision, he had a 2 day hearing in New York earlier this month. The runner's appeal is based on the fact that when the elevator video is released to the public, the league's indefinite ban on its punishment is a double punishment. (Note: there are provisions in the US law that prevent the defendant from going to the same crime for more than two times). Soon after he was punished, he was cut off by the crow. Les thought that when the video was released to the public, the alliance did not receive any new evidence. And in the previous 2 games, the decision was made by the Roger Goodell, the president of the alliance, to know all the details of the game. This statement was agreed by judge Jones. is now a free player who is qualified to sign a team with any team. The decision on Friday he issued a statement saying: "I want to thank Barbara Jones (Babara Jones) NFL Union, I judge, lawyer, agent, adviser, family, friends and fans, but the important is that my wife Jenne (Janay), the statement said. I made an unforgivable mistake and took full responsibility for my behavior. I am very grateful to have such an appropriate appeals mechanism to solve my problem. I will continue to work hard to improve myself and become the best husband, father and friend, at the same time, repay my community and help those who learn from my mistakes. NFL on Friday to comment: we respect the decision of judge Jones to withdraw because of domestic violence against the thunder - Les alliance personal behavior and make regulations indefinitely suspended. Ray leice became a free player and was qualified to be signed by any NFL team in the crow. Based on judge Jones's decision, Leslie will be eligible to sign a new contract.

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