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if the Minnesota Vikings next season to running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) continue to play for them, they will not accept his current salary. Vikings announced on Tuesday that they would not carry out the 2017 contract option of Peterson, which means that the star runner will become a free agent at the beginning of the new season in March 9th. reached a staggering $18 million in salary Peterson originally in 2017, Vikings, this decision is not surprising. , in both sides' statements, both the Vikings and Peterson said the latter still could continue to play for the team. Peterson had previously told NFL's official network that he wanted to retire from the Vikings. But his salary space makes it unlikely that he will return to the current salary. Rick Spielman, general manager of the team, recently told reporters that Peterson would always be a Viking player, but the fact is that he may play for the Vikings in the last 2016 season in the season of Spielman. last seaso cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n Peterson was affected by injuries, took only 72 yards in 3 games, but he scored 1485 yards in the previous season. however, it is difficult to imagine the potential home will offer top contract for 31 years and two knee injured over peterson. Peterson's ability to recover from injuries can't be compared, but his next family has to be fit for his style. He has to find a team that can make use of his talent to attack the ball, which is not suitable for the passing of the ball. A team like Tampa Bay pirates is fit for him, and a team like the New York giants will have to change the attack system.Houston Dezhou star JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) can not rely on their own strength to help the team win the game, the final team to 0 than 30 defeat to Kansas chief, the first round of the playoffs is eliminated. Watt apologized to the fans after . Maybe his aggravation of the groin is the main reason for his instability. So he will solve this problem quickly in the upcoming season. Watt said in an interview on Sunday that he would operate on his Tuesday groin on Tuesday in the United States. He also said it had been bothering him for 7 weeks.'s game on the Indianapolis pony is still affecting the 7 - 1 Denver Mustang. ???????-???????Gary Kubiak?????????????????-??????Peyton Manning????????????????????????????NFL???????????-???????James Palmer?????????????????????????????|???????????????? Kubiak said it was "very sore in Manning play in artificial grassland on the end of the game". The Mustang thinks he will return to training on Thursday. we think so, too. It's not surprising that a veteran quarterback is absent from Wednesday's training. In addition, Manning may be absent from training regularly in the next season, and the Mustang hopes to keep his strength in response to a month's playoffs. of course, at the beginning of this year, NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Manning was diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not disclose most details. The foot discomfort doesn't look serious, but every quarterback who starts the season will experience some physical injuries when the season progressively goes into the later stage. "Who doesn't feel sore in tenth weeks?" Manning asked the media. "Try to get better and try to get healthy." can expect Manning to continue out of training in the late season of the wild horse's hope.In the base of | China Softball Association 2015 second pitcher training camp ended after the Xishuangbanna pitcher training camp in March this year, the China Softball Association held the second phase of the pitcher training camp in Beijing Olympic Sports Center in from May 5th to 17th. , this training camp is larger than that in the first stage, and more trainees. A total of 34 pitchers from 11 first-line teams, 11 catchers and 11 coaches participated in the training. Li Minkuan's lecture Chinese Softball Association carefully designed, carefully organize the training camp, invited senior Japanese baseball coach, former Japanese national team star pitcher sometani, 8 character cast method creator Li Nianmin and Hongkong coach Liu Guoye has the pitcher pitching coach tactical and special physical fitness and a full range of guidance and training to the students, softball senior coach Li Minkuan also made special lectures and China World Softball Pitching technology development history for students. in more than 10 days of training, training pitchers attitude, training hard, dare to innovate, dare to try, has been fully recognized by the instructor, the emergence of some young pitchers has development potential, for the association to start construction in 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games pitching has taken a solid first step. China Softball Association plans to hold the third phase of the pitcher training camp after the national Softball Tournament in August. The training camp will mainly focus on the 16 year old pitchers. (Graphic / base Association)

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