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Chicago bear continues to take over the veteran. Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), a former New York giant, has agreed to sign a contract with the bear team. Since in mid February by the giant cut since Cruz got the bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore crow's attention, but he just met with the bear's face. He could not leave from the giant scenery throughout the off-season has let him brood on even at this week, he also said to the radio program data in last season's own decline because the giant management intends to destroy their season. Cruz is a bear's offseason signed fourth well-known in this year to take over. Before they signed former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Marcus Wylton (Markus Wheaton), the former Tennessee wide receiver Ken DELL Titan Wright (Kendall Wright) and Cruz's former teammate Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle). They will strengthen the position that has already owned the Kevin - White (Kevin White) and Cameron - Meredith (Cameron Meredith). Cruz's strong position in the bear tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m is still an unknown number, which will be determined by a fierce competition in the training camp. But his entry to the bear team could give him a chance to rewrite his career after suffering a lot of injuries.last season, the new rookie Jordan Howard (Jordan Howard) is one of the few highlights of the Chicago bear. He ended up in a career bowl and ranked second in the league. But he did not feel satisfied with it. Howard said Wednesday he had to reduce weight and improve the diet in the offseason. He weighed 230 pounds in the rookie season. "I want to stay around 225 pounds during the season, so I'm still trying to lose weight," Howard said. "I used to think that the rhythm of NFL would be slower because there was not a lot of fast paced attack. But the rhythm is still very fast, so you have to be in a good shape. They don't expect you to keep your body in the team. So you have to be in shape and be ready for training. " Howard was an unknown new player last year. He wanted to fight for the chance to stay. But now he feels he must make a good example for his teammates. "since I'm a professional bowl player, people will pay attention to me and watch what I'm doing," Howard said. "If I work hard, others want to work hard when I see me doing it. I'm just trying to set the tone when I come to the team. " Howard is now making an example in both the training field and the diet.New Orleans saints is clearly one of the league's most disappointing teams, they just play in the original invincible home court losing streak. Although the key moment errors led to the transformation of the right weight troubled four points guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) and attack group, the defensive team's performance has been disappointing. "every year is different, every game is different. So that's why you have to fight all the time, "Rob Ryan, the defense coordinator, told ESPN. "We have a lot of room for promotion. We have a good coach, and we have to solve the problem. " He also said. "Because we're hurting our team now, it's not what I've been hired to do." The saints' defense team did not perform well in the basic defensive skills, from the missing capture to the smashing pass defense. They ranked twenty-seventh in the total defensive ranking, which allowed the opponent to get 377 yards, allowing the opponent to score in 43.9% offense (league's countdown second) and only 11 times to cause the opponent's ball transfer (league twenty-ninth). Complete the three saints in allowing your conversion rate at the bottom (47.9%), a symbol of this team become all problems. "If we can't get the next opponent in third after the attack, even if Drew Bracey and offensive team play well, we can beat any team," said ryan. "This kind of defense makes it almost impossible to win. So, it is clear that we should focus on this problem. " Ryan has tried all the methods, from the defensive pass retreated to the depths to the standoff in third defense heavy use of raid tactics quarterback. But all the efforts have failed. If this trend continues in Pittsburgh -- and now we do not see that this problem can be solved, how fantastic the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger), Antonio - Brown (Antonio receiver Brown) and Lei Weiang Baer - running back (Le'Veon Bell) will shine in the face of the saints the next game.Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) will have the opportunity to return to Washington Red and end his career there. Davies was born in Washington D.C. and then he studied at University of Maryland. He spent 49 seasons in San Francisco and Denver wild horse in the past few seasons. It is reported that he will finish a one year contract with red skin. Davies was selected by 49 people in sixth in 2006. He has had many eye-catching seasons before the 2014 season. In the 2009 season, he completed the 965 yards to catch the ball and the 13 touchdown. The 2015 season was traded to the wild horse, and helped the Mustang get the super bowl. but he just finished 20 times in the wild horse and pushed 201 yards and finished 0 in Super Bowl.

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