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Sean Lynch - in Malaysia (Marshawn Lynch) to enjoy retirement, the Seattle Seahawks running back position is facing an uncertain future. doesn't have to be afraid, because Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) says he will be ready to fill the gap. "the recovery is going very well," Rawls told the media. "Run, change, work hard, return to the court. I'm looking forward to returning in the first week. The entire offseason to restore my good progress. I don't have a rest because I have to work 10 times more. So I'm excited to be able to return and fill the gap in the running position. " Rawls fractured his ankle in December 13th last year and was accompanied by a ligament injury. His confidence in h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is ability to recover was not fresh, and in April he said he would be ready to attend a training camp. But when the training camp is getting closer, the players and the team are more aware of when he will be able to return to the training field. When asked about the problem, Rawls said he was "sure" to be able to participate in the training camp. said the words from Rawls can see instead of the Lynch problem has not been ignored haiying. Rawls in the last season shown to be able to assume responsibility in was needed, he started 7 games at the ball for 830 yards and 4 touchdowns and injured rushed Lynch to share the ball.The official website of NFL | Shane welling hopes to get 5 million contract | football the new England patriots running back Shane VEREEN on his twitter to set himself a goal for a $5 million a year contract, he wrote: ha ha, not quite sure, but who doesn't? It is reported that: velim hopes to get a $5 million contract. next month virin will become the free player, and the free market is very popular players, because as a former second round draft of his value does exist, compared to other free market running back, velim sufficient capital of the negotiations over the past 2 seasons, he completed a record 100 catches for today's NFL, running back is very rare. is currently running back depth Aigo enough, so may a wage virin ample space and continue to strong ground offensive team.The official website of NFL | Robert - Griffin III left the Washington Redskins football | continues to be injured and contentious, which is the remainder of the red skin of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) in Washington. U. S. time Monday morning, Griffin confirmed leaving the team dressing room, which meant he would leave the red skin. has not officially released Griffin yet. But on all signs, the once round show will be abandoned by red skin, so Griffin chose to take the initiative to leave. 's photos of Griffin's departure were reported to be one of the saddest pictures of Washington's sports for Moving out.The official website of NFL | a model named Lynch | Rugby to marijuana A club Seattle recently introduced a new type of marijuana, in order to commemorate the Seattle Seahawks again into the super bowl, especially their super horse running back Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), named beast mode 2.0 , maybe you remember that same year ago, the same store. They introduced a kind of hemp called the beast mode, which was also commemorating Lynch's appearance on the forty-eighth Super Bowl. according to the boss of the club, the animal model was sold well, so the growers tried new products. The THC value of the beast mode is 17.6, and the beast mode 2 will be higher. boss said: it would be a great feeling, just like you were Lynch, strong and fast.

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