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in the second week of the pre-season match, the Minnesota Viking main player Blair Blair (Blair Walsh) was in a low state. 0 shots were shot in the field, and another shot was missed. Walsh has already played 3 games in the hall of fame season. He has shot for 2 times in those three games, and now he seems to have fallen to the freezing point of his career in the three games. this offseason Walsh and the Vikings signed a four year contract, the security deposit of $5 million 250 thousand, which is to play a big contract, also shows that the great hope for the management of the Vikings rookie selected occupation bowl striker. The Vikings and the Oakland Raiders began to postpone for one hour due to the lightening. After the beginning of the competition, the climate was not very good. It had been carried out in the strong wind and heavy rain. Walsh continuous shooting in the game lost 35 yards, 38 yards and 49 yards shot, after losing additional points in the shot he was shamed trot toward the bench, the Vikings coach Mike tzimol (Mike Zimmer) with a sword eyes stare at Walsh. The locker room after the game, Walsh dressed, wearing a hat on the head back, deep breath, and then tu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rned to face already gathered around him the reporters, said: "well, begin." It's like talking to reporters as if they were talking to themselves. At the end of the video game after Walsh said he believed that their technical defects can be solved, he said: "I can't aim precisely to a point, usually if I can play at what point to the words but I can play lost, this is what I need to correct and improve."Chicago bears a busy offseason continues, in the moderate strengthening defense group, they decided to leave some can still contribute to the team. Local time Monday, the bears announced Sam and linebacker Aike (Sam Acho) for about 1 years. echo location is registered outside linebacker, he was special teams qualified performance. The bears are hoping to increase the depth and personnel freedom of choice, and then decided to renew echo. Last season, Aike completed 60 tackles, 1 times out of 1 times the ball making, back off the ball, 15 appearances for the team, including 7 starts. Aike occupation career before the 4 season at Arizona Cardinals, completed a total of 96 tackles during. 27 year old Aike has accumulated 66 caps, is an experienced player.The 1992 season playoffs Bill Houston reversed oil wild card game called "The Comeback", is the biggest difference is the reversal of the history of the NFL. Houston oil had a 35:3 lead at one time and was finally defeated by Bill in the Bill overtime. Houston oil led by quarterback Warren Moon, called the Run and Shoot is playing the offensive style, the attacking style emphasizes the quarterback Rollout, wide receiver according to their own encountered defense to change their running routes, once the quarterback and wide receiver understanding reached, will be like Houston college quarterback Klingler single game 700+ code 11 touchdowns, season 9400 yards 90+ touchdowns as metamorphosis. buffalo Bill's style is the quick attack of the quotient. In 1989, Sam Wyche's Tigers came to the playoffs in the playoffs. Bill, who was led by Marv Levy, used the strategy of fast attack without the group players. Bill's defender had to pretend to be injured to get a breathing space. After the game, Levy violently attacked Wyche's No huddle attack morally, and began to use the method on a large scale in the next season. Compared to the inventor of Sam Wyche's tiger, Bill of Levy is the first team to use this kind of quick attack on a large scale. however, Bill's reversal of success is mainly related to the shortcomings of the oil people, not related to their own style of business. Because there is no poly business mainly rely on Jim Bill Kelly, so called "K-Gun", but the regular season finale, the opponent is also Houston oil, quarterback Jim Kelly went off with a knee injury, backup quarterback Frank Reich temporary replacement, finally oil to a 27:3 victory. After two weeks of , the two teams meet again in the wild card race. Kelly continued to miss, Warren Moon faced the Bill defense team led by Bruce Smith, in the first half of the 22 pass 19, easy to push 220 yards. At the end of the half, the score was 28-3, and it was a one - sided game to see. And the second half came back to the oil again, the score came to the 35:3, 32 points difference. Houston's local radio said, "the stadium can completely turn off the lights on Bill's side, because it's a complete performance of the oil people." The turning point of the game was on the start of the game. Kicker before kick-off a second, just scratched a gust of evil wind will kick off the ball on the shelf to blow crooked. The kicker is not playing ball, let the original conventional high kick-off play has become a low ball. The Bill team got the chance to kick the ball at 50 yards and hit the score after the 10 offense. Next to Bill's short kick, the kicker Christie himself grabbed the ball. Bill gets a good place to kick off the ball, "Hu Bilun" Q〉The official website of NFL | news: cowboy or against the Broncos running back to | football 's Montee Ball, who is going to be out of work in Denver, may be exempt from unemployment. Recently, Dallas cowboy expressed his intention for Bauer. At present, Bauer is competing for the wild horse's running list. But he is behind other running guards. He didn't perform well in the United States Thursday's pre-season match. He only carried 27 yards in 16 games. is reliable news that Bauer will be given up by wild horses, but cowboys are not ready to deal with wild horses, so everything remains to be seen. Bauer has been disappointed in Denver since the start of the 2013 rookie season. Last season, he held the ball 52 times to advance 172 yards. The data can still be done, and a team like cowboys seems willing to rediscover the running potential of the second round draft.

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