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even-even soccer equipment AC Milan 2015-16 new network kit that uses the unique design of the red stripes on the chest, inspired by the iconic Rossoneri stripes. The AC Milan 2015-16 stadium shirt, which was officially launched in July 25, 2015, will start in the friendly international Milan friendly match against the same city.The official website of NFL | Cardinals tight end Carlson suddenly retired | football on Tuesday U.S. time, the Arizona Cardinals tight end John - Carlson (John Carlson) announced his retirement, let the outside world by surprise. he said: after careful consideration, my wife and I think this is the best decision, I was lucky enough to spend 7 seasons in the NFL, spent 3 great cheap nfl jerseys free shipping teams, the Vikings and the Seahawks cardinals. I am very grateful to those friends of the past, but now I am also looking forward to my future life. Carlson, who is about to be 31 next week, does not give a particularly important cause of retirement, perhaps a history of his brain concussion. Carlson in 2014 with the Cardinals signing, in order to improve the Cardinals' ball threat, last season he finished 33 catches for 350 yards and 1 touchdowns. His career completed 210 hits, 2256 yards and 15 arrays. The Carlson retired. To rookie tight end Christie grieder (Gerald Christian) the opportunity to host, of course, the team also needs to find a new target in the free market.The official website of NFL and Bill, the new coach Mccoy said the team is an important part of football, wo Bill, the new coach Sean - Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) said he would never abandon the run Weile Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy). Mcdermott says he has always respected Mccoy, who has worked with the eagle, and will work together in Bill. Le Sean will go along with Buffalo Bill. Mcdermott said he was a great player. When we worked in Philadelphia, I saw Sean's incomparable skills and I was very happy to be with him again. The season will have 8 million 875 thousand McCall Ibn cap impact, if leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) and the Steelers signing contract, which will become the highest amount in the running back. But Mcdermott won't let Mccoy walk away. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Mustang receiver Saunders by a hamstring injury plagued | football Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) to a hamstring injury. the Denver Broncos took over the exon two has no training for nearly three months, he may have missed the entire preseason. coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said he hoped Saunders could in the end face of San Francisco 49 people before the start of the new season in some light training. It would be surprising if he fought this game or the last game of the season. injuries are always frustrating, and the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) says it is impossible to train with his main pass goals. Injuries are part of the game. Emanuel is a competitive player, he wants to play and wants to help players with a good performance this year. Obviously when he was healthy, I knew he would be out and I knew he would be ready to come. play fast and loose hamstring injury. Neither Mustang nor team reporters have expressed their fears about Saunders's inability to fight the first battle of the season. However, in learning a new offensive system, for Saunders, missed the pre-season game in may mean that they will become important when slow and could not find a state.

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