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In the |2011 national health base slow pitch softball finals win four champions each of its main | is Jiang Xiuyun, deputy director of the center of the hand music bar center, awarded to the social happy group champion is the award of Yang Xu, Secretary General of China Base association, to the happy group of colleges and universities Cleveland, Guilin on 15 October, (reporter Liu Xiangqian) 2011 National Health slow pitch softball final win today ended at the Guilin Institute of Tourism: Nanjing University of Technology, Guilin, the falcons Lvzhuan Taiwan won their Caravan and Guilin group champion, each group of the top five also gains a bonus! the slow pitch softball won health activities organized by the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song, China Softball Association, sponsored by the Ministry of education, Guilin Institute of Tourism Chinese Collegiate Athletic Association Baseball Club, Juque International Consulting Co. Ltd., Guangxi Baseball Association, Guangxi Sports Bureau, the event also obtained national special rod base (PBSL) Support Alliance and skhna insurance company. The team is from all over the country, mainland China, Taiwan business, slow alliance and club team. It is a truly national competition regardless of age and industry. The tournament is divided in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to preliminaries and finals in two stages, the preliminaries in June this year in 17 provinces and cities nationwide, autonomous region held has attracted more than 400 national teams, 22 teams, won from various provinces and cities in the preliminary round about 430 athletes, coaches and referees participated in the finals at the Guilin. The finals are divided into four groups: social competition group, social happy group, college competitive team and University happy group. After two days of intense competition density, the group of four ranking all announced: Nanjing University of Technology, Shanghai International Studies University, North China University of Technology, university sports group of the top three, the falcons, Nanning Taiwan, Shanghai team won the motion of the caravan of social sports group before three, the happy match, Guilin host Lvzhuan won the championship, Xiamen University team won the runner up, Jiangsu food harvest third team; social group of Guilin, Lanzhou Taiwan Happy caravan team and the Shenyang team won the winners of mars. besides the winning certificates and trophies, each group's champion, runner up and third place also won 10000 yuan, 8000 yuan and 6000 yuan prize for the event. Fourth and fifth also won 4000 yuan and 2000 yuan cash prize respectively. (finished)Cleveland Brown's new rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) has attracted much attention from the entry of NFL. Before the start of the season, he had just topped the top of the shirt sales list. And now, he has broken a NFL official record - the pre - season record. according to the "sports economy" magazine's John - o'rand (John Ourand) and Daniel (Daniel Kaplan) analysis, Kaplan Saturday night against Brown lions game created new preseason record ratings. The report said about 2 million 820 thousand spectators were paying attention to Manzel's first game, which was 40% higher than the record of the 2007 Hall of fame. At that time, about 2 million 70 thousand of the spectators watched the game. With the attention of so many spectators, is not disappointing, too. He pushed 63 yards from the 11 pass 7, and got 27 yards for the 6 ball run. Although not able to get the array, but "Jonny Johnny (Football)" still left a deep impression. At present, Manzel is in the upper hand with Heuer's quarterback quarterback. If Manzel performs well in the next match, he will probably occupy the position of the first quarterback. It is believed that such a game will attract more audience's attention. [related news] Manzel's first show of Brown's first quarterback of the quarterback of the white hot usually, the team won't be sad for a long time after losing a game. But the New York giant may need a little more time. According to the Mcadoo giants coach (Ben McAdoo) said, running back Sean walling (Shane Vereen) the triceps was injured in the game against the Washington Redskins, the need for surgery, he will miss the remainder of season. Although Mcadoo said the operation will be ahead of the end of the 2016 season he, NFL website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo according to informed sources reported that may not be so. Volin recovery time in 6 to 8 weeks. According to the plan, he recovered giants on injured reserve list plan, this year may return volin. 27 year old joined last year as the ball type walling giants running back. This season, the 31 time he rushed the ball 147 yards and 1 touchdowns. In terms of catching the ball, he took 75 yards 8 times. He was in the third task may be most will be handed over to Bobby Linney (Bobby Rainey) to complete. The giant was lucky to have a good lineup in the running position. Orlean Dakewa (Orleans Darkwa) in the last game at the ball for 53 yards and 1 touchdowns, and rookie Paul Perkins their bench (Paul Perkins). The first starting runner Rashard - Jennings (Rashad Jennings) was not in the game because of a thumb injury, but he was expected to return in the next game. Although he looks very easy to replace , but he told the quarterback protection and his performance in the offensive as well, this may be the most difficult problem of Mcadoo. The next game is likely to be in trouble against the Minnesota Viking giants.Guangxi dragon team Huicheng elderly group bowling tournament for the elderly for | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League Guangxi dragon team Huicheng elderly group for elderly bowling tournament in the country from April 14 to 21, 2015, the Thirteenth National old age bowling fellowship held at the Zhengzhou Oriental bowling alley will be held on schedule. Guangxi dragon team Huicheng elderly group yesterday in Liuzhou high tech Zone Dragon City Department of bowling over centralized training finally, today's departure to Zhengzhou. this is the first time that my Guangxi team took part in this national event, reflecting the growing maturity of the Guangxi bowling events. June 2015, Guangxi dragon Huicheng team will also send teams to participate in the National Youth Bowling Championships, now the youth group is preparing for the establishment of China Bowling Association training base is located in Guangxi Liuzhou youth team building for the first time. players on the last day of intensive training photo: Chen Yukun Zhao Shuzhong Yu Liude Tan Maoping

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