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for pushing the saints cornerback Ma Shang - lattimores (Marshon Lattimore) was suspended for a week after Mike Evans took over the outside (Mike Evans) Wednesday return pirates training. vowed that he would be smarter next time. According to in Tampa Bay media, Evans said the pirates were behind his decision in a way behind the score. "if we were ahead, I wouldn't do that." Evans said, "but we are 30-3 behind. I was emotionally controlled, and I ran to the sideline to make a brain action. I shouldn't do that, but I have the shortcomings that I need to correct. This event has made me feel it. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping I won't do it again. I'll play more calmly, with enthusiasm and effort, and smarter playing. " Last week pirates in no four Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) "and the case of Evans won the ball, but Evans said the team will not let in a difficult position.according to the "Baltimore sun" reported that the Baltimore team announced Thursday and crow occupation bowl running back Justin FST (Justin Forsett) three year contract, the contract value of $9 million. general manager of the team (Ozzie Newsome) - heuse Newsome said in a statement: "we can now also sign the FST is very lucky. It was lucky not only to be an important offensive weapon in the team, but also to have a positive impact on the team in the dressing room. It's far beyond our expectations. Eph poll at the end of this year is about 30 years old, last season and crow signed a one-year contract worth $730 thousand, but this is a $730 thousand season he rushed the ball 235 times and scored 1266 yards and 8 touchdowns. Newsome said: "he is very good in the offense, he passes the ball in the protection, efficiency is very high. Frederic can be the leader of the team. He is a legend and we are happy that he can stay.The stadium shirt is red, and the red is one of the preferred color in the history of the Spanish club. The front and back of the shirt with a blue and white stripes, on behalf of the club's home court color. About the two sleeves cuffs are inlaid with blue and red and yellow flags style decoration. There is a slogan "Meravellosa Minoria (beautiful minority)" in the collar of the shirt collar, with a parrot pattern underneath the collar, and the parrot is the mascot of the club.The urinal at NFL's official website | signature 100 Lun - Saunders $3000 | football may add an incredible thing to the toilet in his home. This pool comes from the dressing room, the Detroit lion of the Barry Sanders career. has learned that 17 people want to get the urinal, and the owner of the urinal is Saunders's agent. He thinks that the name of Saunders will be better on the top 46. The original owner took only 23 dollars to get the small pool. He asked Saunders to complete his signature and put it in the local supermarket. , and now, for fans who own it, such a Saunders signature is worth the cost. Now the only thing to think about is how the new owner will use this stuff, maybe he will start a cocktail party first.

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