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Xiamen | squash coaches training report information reporting time: 17:00 November 24, 2009 report place: Fasthotel - Toyama store hall contact: Wang Jian phone: Hotel Name: Fasthotel - Toyama store (after 12:00 in November 24th) Hotel Address: Xiamen City, Fujian Province, Ban Wei Lu, Siming District No. 2 hotel phone: Hotel Fax: Route 1: take the 37 bus from the airport and get off at the lotus Sakamoto station. The hotel is behind the emperor of the burger of sakamaka. Route 2: taxi from the airport through the success Avenue, to the Jiahe road Toyama section of the JINGWAH Hotel section to get off, walk 10 meters. route 3: when the station gets out of the st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ation, the right turn is 300 meters on foot. Fasthotel - Toyama store information 1 Fasthotel - Toyama store information 2 Fasthotel - Toyama store information 3The official website of Greg Olsen NFL | NASCAR race car safety | football now new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) only enjoy the off-season players not in the league, recently the Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) participated in the NASCAR race once a year. , according to car racing official website, Olsen will cruise the safety car for the venue. Olsen told us: I think these racing drivers' work is wonderful. Only when you are involved, can you understand all this. This is really another experience. The NAS truck race will be held on Saturday in May 21st, and the first name of the game will be awarded $1 million. Olsen will work as a safety driver to help the track to control the speed of the car.Indianapolis little horse got a devastating bad news today. The best defensive star of the team is Robert Mathis, Robert Robert. The injury occurred in Mathis in Atlanta alone during the training, he was taking drugs because, in the 4 game suspension. for the pony, it is no doubt the frost. In the first game, the pony was 24-31 to the wild horse, which reflected that the team was particularly struggling in the past. Last season, Mathis led the league with 19.5 escapement. Today, the 34 year old defensive star to begin a lengthy rehabilitation, the little horse on the weak defense will also become more difficult. Andrew Luck (Andrew) needs to be at the offensive end, making more contributions than expected. , at present, the team will continue to focus on the 2013 season's first rookie Warner Bjoern Warner. He himself has said that the performance of the rookie season failed to meet his expectations, and there will be a breakthrough in the new season. In the first game, Warner finished 3 grappling, but still struggled in the flush.The official website of NFL | packers Rethy, Adams returned to training | football Eddie Rey (Eddie Lacy) is back on the right track. The Green Bay wrapper guard returned to the training ground on Friday after missing the team's training on Thursday local time. Although he only took part in the training, the team was still very optimistic about his appearance this week. Packers' coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said: we need to continue to look at him and see what will happen in the next few days. Rezsi was injured in last week's game and this week the wrapper will play with the chief of Kansas City, who needs help from the ground. addition, the ankle injury amounted to over Adams (Davante Adams) - Aventis also took part in training on Friday. He is also very likely to be out this week.

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