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The NFL website |49 in the playoffs only may | Rugby theory. suffered two defeats, 7 wins and 6 losses San Francisco 49 teams in the National League team in the ranking has slipped to eighth place, there is little hope to get a wild card. Let's see what the 49 team is going to get into the playoffs. The team of 49 people in this Sunday's challenge just two weeks before the Thanksgiving war bloodbath their Seattle Seahawks, this is not a retreat of the game, 49 teams have to win the game, including the last three games, not only that, they also hope some of their main rivals in the last three games, it seems almost impossible. But if the 49 team won three straight, with 10 wins and 6 negative end of the regular season, at least two of the following three conditions in a team of 49 people to get a wild card. 1: Detroit lions (9-4) to 1 wins and 2 losses to complete the next three games, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y will take on the Minnesota Vikings in the home court next (6-7), the Chicago bears away (5-8) and the Green Bay Packers (10-3), and the lion must be lost to the bears. 2: the Seattle Seahawks team record to 1 wins and 2 losses, apparently if they lost to a team of 49 people, while the last two Zhou Haiying will be away to the Arizona Cardinals (11-3), against the Saint Louis rams (6-8). 3: this week the Philadelphia hawks (9-4) and Dallas cowboys (9-4) dialogue between them, the loser must obtain one of a negative result in the last two weeks. The Hawks will challenge Washington red skin (3-10) and New York giants (4-9), and the Cowboys will go to Washington after competing with Indianapolis Pony (9-4).Houston this season, Dezhou defend end J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) all-powerful in the face of an opponent in the game outside the front, continue to practice time. Now he won the prize. Wednesday to get the Jones prize - watt Deacon (Deacon Jones Award), the award is awarded annually to the league has captured and killed most of the players. Watt is ranked first in the League of 17.5 hits and ranks the first time this season, and became the official player in 1982. Since then, he has been the seventh most frequent player in the single season league. He ranked first in the 20.5 rankings in 2012. "A prize awarded to a person is never won by one person," said Watt, who will receive the award at the NFL award ceremony. "This honor is a witness to my teammates and coaches helping me to succeed every week. I'm honored to receive the Jones Deakin prize, I will have been working towards a greater level of effort."Italy international football club, which just passed its 110 birthday last week, released its 110th anniversary commemorative Jersey on the official website of the Milan international football club. international Milan has set up a 110th anniversary commemorative shirt to be built on the basis of this season's home player version. The front part of the Jersey is added to the signature of the team this season. Behind the Jersey is printed with the number "110" and "INTER" to show the long history of the Italy Centennial club. A club is added to the left sleeve of the Jersey. The 110th anniversary commemorative emblem is set up. The white shield emblem with the golden border and red cross comes from the Milan City badge. The badge is added to the international Milan metropolitan area, with the word "1908-2018" attached. The golden "Centodieci Inter" (International Milan 110th Anniversary) at the top of the badge is a tribute to the glorious history of the 110 years. This envelope type packaging International Club of Milan established 110th Anniversary jersey with blue black appearance, and limited edition 1908. At present, the commemorative shirt has been sold on the club's official website for 190.80 euros. I wonder if you Neira Zulli are ready to put their income in the bag?The official website of NFL |JJ- w after losing to the people of Dezhou for | football fans JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) is one of the most powerful defenders in the league, and his talent can even help the team to get some points in the offensive team. but he didn't seem to be very good at the quarterback, at least not very well in the case of his bad injury. And his team in the playoffs in the wild card race to 0 than 30 defeat to Kansas chief. Watt tweet after the game: I'm sorry to thank you for all the year's support. Watt almost missed the second half of the match, because the groin was injured in the third quarter. The defending player of the season failed to win a quarterback game today.

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