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Minnesota Vikings were on the way from Miami dolphin team to Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) one day after they announced the departure of veteran Greg Jennings (Greg Jennings). Jennings was expected to be surprised, but it was only Wallace's deal that accelerated the process. Jennings, 31, has been able to earn $8 million 900 thousand this season, but since 2010 he has not received a thousand yards in a season. compared with the young team - Johnson Charles took over the ball (Charles Johnson) and jarius White (Jarius Wright) data to look good, but the last two seasons rarely saw his size ball scene appeared. currently needs over teams such as the Oakla cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd Raiders have higher requirement on the speed, Jennings advanced in age is not necessarily appropriate. Ted Thompson (Ted Thompson) will bring him back to the Green Bay Packers as fourth received?The official website of NFL | quarterback Jones has a hamstring injury ahead of the end of the camp | Rugby test former Ohio State University quarterback Jones card (Cardale Jones) - DELL NFL testing experience ahead of the end of the camp, he was a hamstring injury in Saturday's 40 yard dash project. NFL website reporter Jones Kimberley (Kimberly Jones) reported that the trial of Jones in the 40 yard dash after the end. Jones was then seen sitting on the bench, his right hamstring ice. Jones was in the middle of the second time 40 yards sprint. He had a few yards to pull it up. The official time of the sprint is 4.85 seconds (slower than the first 4.81 seconds). The test is the key for Jones camp. After winning the last 3 games in the 2014 champions season, he started the 2015 season as the first quarterback, but the poor performance at the beginning of the season finally led him to return the first place to J.T. J.T. (J.T. Barrett) who was replaced by the end of last season.tiger news June 23rd 2014, New York giants owner John Mara (John Mara) said the quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is still at the peak but also have good performance." 3 years later, Mara still thinks so. "we think he will be able to play for a few years," Mara said on Thursday. The difference between and 3 years ago is that Manning is now 36, and is about to enter his fourteenth NFL season. Manning, who has already completed 211 consecutive starts, has 3 years in his contract. but the giants began to plan the future of Manning's retirement, and they picked the quarterback Davies Webb (Davis Webb) in the third round of the show this year. The giant manager, Ben McAdoo, has said that the team is planning to make Webb the three quarterback, which will give him time to grow.The official website of NFL | Chicago bears the signing of Blaine Hoyer | Rugby us time on Saturday, the Chicago bear team announced a one-year contract with the former Houston Dezhou quarterback Blaine Hoyer. last season in Dezhou, Heuer finished 11 Games 2006 yards pass, 19 and 7 times. He played 5 - 4 in his first 9 games, but it was a bad one in the first round of the playoffs. Heuer spent the first two seasons of his career, this time the bear team became the fifth team in his 7 - year career. has learned that the bear team wants Heuer to be a competitive substitute for the quarterback and can help Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) when necessary.

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