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Barry, ·, North Korea regional brand director, said: "I'm very happy that Adidas can continue our strong and excellent design tradition of the ball coat, and combine the best design and technological innovation in the design of Welsh's New Jersey." "Barry," Like all Welsh fans, Adidas is enthusiastic about Welsh's competition and expects that the New Jersey can become a part of Welsh's exciting new chapter of football.Green Bay Packers have sold all the tickets for the team since 1950s. but the packers season ticket owners this season have to pay more for the regular season, the relative will be compensated in the preseason ticket. , it is reported that the tickets for the pac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping kers will be 45 dollars or 62 dollars for the pre-season match, which is not very cheap. The regular season tickets will be 95 dollars and 122 dollars, compared with the original increase of 5%. , according to the survey, the ticket price of packers is in the nineteenth place of the league. Because the packers are fans and shareholders, and the only thing in the US is the sports sector. The increase of revenue may be to fill the cost of renovation before the stadium.The official website of NFL | Bauman do not worry about the impact of Kelly | defensive football San Francisco 49 linebacker Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) returned from injury this season, completed 116 tackles, has been close to the level before injury. Bauman said: I was doubting whether I could reach the previous level, and now I saw my progress. I appreciate the respect of the other players in the League for me, which is important for the recovery from the injury. The season, 49 people hired former Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) as a coach, his arrival on both ends of the floor will cause a certain impact. But Bauman is not worried about the impact. He has a lot of confidence in the new coach: we have a low performance this year, but we will overcome it and the future will rebound. Kelly's offensive system will increase the defensive team's playing time. Previously, players had complained about Kelly's way of coaching, but Bauman didn't worry: we will try our best to make the opponent's attack team stand faster. This is the standard we set ourselves.NFL Jason - Pierre Paul's official website | encourage children | football finger amputation in July 4th this year is a tragedy for Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul). But he decided to tell her children with her experience that it's not terrible. 11 year old Xie Moss - Berhane (Seamus Bohannon) in November 3rd this year because of being caught in the bicycle chain had to be amputated fingers 2 fingers. Semos's sister found Pierre Paul through social media, and hoped Pierre Paul could encourage his brother. So on Tuesday night, Pierre Paul made a video conversation with Face through Time. After , Zamos's mother interviewed him: he didn't need to do this, because he was busy, but his encouragement made a lot of gains for my son, which is very important for my son, because he was no longer sad and began to smile. Pierre Paul in the months after the amputated finger went back to the New York giants began their battle field, apparently he used to prove this fact not what all children. finally wrote the message to the child: stay strong, keep courage, and you will get everything at the end. related news: the giant took over Cruz to receive the calf operation season reimbursement

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