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Auto play switches automatically play Vikings out of the Vikings to pay tribute to Kobe rugby stadium to make classic turn jumpers are loading... Tencent sports news December 18th evening local time, Losangeles Lakers famous star Kobe Bryant's jersey retirement ceremony in the Staples Center arena. As a result, Kobe has also become the only player in the world today to retire with two jerseys (No. 8 and 24) in the same team. on the day of Kobe's jersey retirement ceremony, many NFL stars also expressed their congratulations and admiration for Kobe through their personal social media. Houston Dezhou team defender J.J.- w tweets wrote: " when someone will be a ball into the dustbin when his name will be the people shouted aloud. This worship will gain eternal life. True legend! # Kobe " Denver Broncos running back Anderson C.J.- is " G.O.A.T." the words to describe Kobe. He wrote in his personal Twitter: " Kobe, thank you for the best players in history! " as the NFL team in Losangeles, the goats said on the team's official Twitter: " congratulations to Kobe Bryant! Unbelievable career! " the ram team also got a picture in the tweets. The center of the picture is Kobe's dunking in the No. 24 Jersey and the action of putting on the No. 8 Jersey. The bottom of the picture is the ram's helmet and the Lakers' team's logo. rams running back Todd - a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lthough not self issued Karli congratulations to Kobe, but he also forwarded the Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James congratulations tweets. 's lightning team in the city of angel first issued a twitter on the morning of the 18 morning: " congratulations on the milestone day of you (Kobe)! " then, in the afternoon and released a Kobe in training camp during the lightning team talk video, and with the text: " special day review during training camp and Kobe Bryant. " 's former New York giants took the lead in Victor Cruz's tweets, which coincide with the lightning team. He also congratulated Kobe on his landmark achievements and praised Kobe's retirement video. (Star)one hundred years later, how will the future people evaluate the game? fifty-first Super Bowl rematch? It's not uncommon for the super bowl to meet in the next quarter, but a huge banner hangs in the south of the stadium: no one will forget the two teams experienced the largest in the history of the Super Bowl teams never reversed, just as the 2017 season long common games. The will be referred to as the "fog bowl"? The 1962 NBA Finals in the Canadian Football League called the title, and the last day of 1988, Bardi Ryan and Mike's card, the two scores intertwined their coach, led the hawks and bears in Chicago stadium in private, almost can be said to be a hand not to see the ten refers to the hard environment, dedication to a stalemate war, above two, is known as the "fog bowl". But the Super Bowl friend once again meet, encounter is not strong but belong to extreme fog days, history is also rare, I think, this can be called a "mist bowl." but it's true. Foxborough home court and 13 degrees Celsius weather, slightly cold wind, and mist, such weather conditions Aigo really put it down, not to mention the opponent is good at Fighting Falcon in the warm indoor stadium, which is "unfair", the probability of losing at least 80%. Falcon vs patriot offensive defense, this should be a very aspect showdown last season falcons scored first, patriots losing at least; and this season, the Patriots lost the last third, scoring just twelfth League falcons. The first section of the game Gillette stadium just thin fog, to attack not to mention how much, but nobody dared to underestimate its impact, normal people will not pass hard, Falcon offensive coordinator Stephen Sacchi and Xi'an playmaker Matt Ryan is a "normal person", both Sacchi in Xi'an to Ryan constantly give personal advice in the radio, or in the lane to observe and adjust the ball near the Kai line, all the ideas are: Falcon road surface as much as possible. As everyone knows, Ryan observed near the open ball line defender no more "or" weak side weak ", is largely Bailey Cheik to give the opponent the illusion of Patriot defenders extremely pay attention to the front line and fill the gaps, guard and defenders quickly from the gap from the extension resistance de Feng tower Freeman and Coleman play tweng speed, and this has done exceptionally well. The Falcon, as the artist masters like molimen, in addition to the first section of the middle of a tight formation after the sham run really highlights the fact that in the early stages of the game, the Falcon attack for nothing new. The falcons must know that the fog will be thicker, and must not be so conservative in the early stages. Falcon coach Dan Quin's strategy is quite strong, anti opening pass, determined not to attack, four rushed pass seven regional marker, Brady dare not bet long pass, finally resorted to a raid, it was immediately Brady "bone Mian Zhang", Quin made more dare in front of the stack of manpower. Compared to the "normal man" of the FalconsSchweinsteiger, a German star playing in the US League Chicago flame, is enjoying his life in the US. Recently, he watched the NFL Chicago bears game with his wife Ivanovic. little pig couple look very happy. They are wearing the Chicago bear's No. 31 Jersey. They are standing on the sidelines to cheer the team up. The number 31 is Schweinsteiger's jersey number. was injured in the ninth round of the 1-0 round of the Chicago flame 1-0 victory over the Montreal impact team in the United States vocational League. He also had some injuries in his calf, and he was also replaced in advance. Schweinsteiger has been actively receiving treatment after the injury, and according to the German media, the piglets will soon be back. Ivanovic has been pregnant for 4 months, and the couple are looking forward to the birth of their first child. The Schweinsteiger and his wife watched the match between the Chicago bears and the Minnesota Vikings, and the Vikings won 20-17 at the end of the day.Miami dolphin's home stadium has long been called the Joe Robbie Stadium by fans. But in recent years, its name has been changed quite frequently. The Joe Dolphin Stadium has long been replaced by fans. according to the Miami times, the new name of the stadium will be called the new Miami stadium, which seems to be a little bit around even with the name of the team. since 1987 has established dolphin, Dolphin Stadium name 7 times, the name of Joe Robbie from 1987 to 1996, occupation player (Pro Player Park) park only appeared in 1996 of a year, from 1996 to 2005 and renamed to occupation player Park, 2006 to 2009 renamed dolphins Stadium (Dolphin, 2009) 2010 renamed the Land Shark Stadium (Land Shark), from 2010 to 2016 named Sun Life (Sun Life). 's current online vote shows that the new stadium name is not popular.

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