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it's really scary to find a big guy on the edge when you have a strand of hair. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks game against the New York giants in a really flew to the Seattle Seahawks mascot stands cheering for the team. photographed this scene fans on twitter said: "well, the Seahawks flew off residence landed in a lady's shoulder, and I was on the edge!!! Look!!! " all over the lady there taking pictures, and she only looked at her shoulder and the Seahawks remain stagnant. Most people are happy to leave the seat to find this cute guy. some people also say, I feel very scared about it. What if the woman has food on her body? According to FOX sports reporter reports, small Seahawks still stay in another fan head.Beijing 8:30 on October 14th morning, Monday night race from San Francisco 49 people to challenge the same area Saint Louis Saint Louis rams, and the final 49 people in 31 to 17 score in the win. home court battle rams after the opening of the first attack, rookie quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) line proximal Fred Cook Feng Jia (Jared Cook) to complete the ball 39 yards. 49 people don Adams (Don Skuta) with Coulthard sacks responded, but team mate Ahmed Brooks (Ahmad Brooks) foul let his efforts come to nothing, lucky rams running back by Benny - Corelle (Benny Cunningham) had completed 1 yards touchdown, leading to 7-0. The rams defense group also performed well to let 49 people attack group three strikes". Each wave of offensive, and the both ends of the common force, is the first tour - Macleod David Rodney ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Rodney McLoud) produced 49 proximal Feng Vance Macdonald (Vance McDonald) dropped the ball, and then near the end Lance Kendricks (Lance Kendrick) - Austen received the ball 22 yards receiving touchdowns. The score will be expanded to 14-0. In section second of , after a tug of war 49 people finally found a sluggish state, kicker Phil Dawson (Phil Dawson) hit long-range free kick 54 yards, defense intercepted the other offensive quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) in the first half of last 14 seconds and took the ram defense mistakes, pass the raid, teamed up with veteran wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) to complete the 80 yard touchdown catch! The score was reduced to 10-14. in the second half, due to the long distance from Lloyd's second touchdown, and team field steep, long offensive nearly 10 minutes of the 49 wave hit, by ANN Quinn - boerding (Anquan Boldin) 11 yard touchdown catch counter ultra score! 17-14, 49 people took the first lead in the game. The rams defense group in several hit under low morale, a few times is not easy in the case of success because of three defense automatic first attack foul. The 49 is by Michael Clubb Terry done in one vigorous effort (Michael Crabtree) 32 yard touchdown catch and expanded the lead! The score came to 24-14. Entering the fourth section, the goats defense team grabbed the 49 people in the attack group to slack off and completed several interceptors. But helpless, the quarterback quarterback Austen didn't get 8 consecutive passes under the pressure of psychological pressure and the 49 air defense team. The team didn't hit a free kick until the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter, narrowing the score. The goats did not give up, although the gamble failed, the defense team did the hard work again. The last 1 minutes the ram had a chance to draw the score, but the 49 defence team did not give them an opportunity.eleventh week race day and night by the Indiana Colts home court against the new England patriots. The Patriots defeated the Broncos in the first weeks after taking 7 wins and 2 losses ranked United top Colts with 6 wins and 3 losses ranked third AP, the game will have a major impact on the ranking and a two playoff seed, is "a game against two". The Patriots after the opening run with fast pass road to apodeme, rely on rookie running back Gray's personal rush scored 4 rushing touchdowns, helped the team to the final 42 to 20 victory over the Colts on the road. opening soon, the Patriots running back either turn from a guest into a host, combination, or Gray Eder took over the virin quickly enter the state twice, with only 4 minutes to rely on Gray to take the ball up to 7 than 0 undershoot array xianshengduoren. While the Colts rushed the ball in the Red Zone Road encounter block, then rely on the free kick to move back to 3 than 7. 1 minutes later, the Colts defense group took the lead, by Adams in the end zone before reaching Brady pass interception. But then the Colts offensive was to "island king" Lives led the Patriots defense luxury restrictions, without a valid breakthrough. when second to 8 minutes, Iraq in the Patriot 30 yards by Lives barely pass to stop Wayne, ray Weiss, the racket, Maikaoti steals the ball side. Then Brady led the Patriot team to play a gathering of the non business attack, completed the 12 attack in 4 minutes, and completed the second second goals in the field, and the 14 to 3 patriot team expanded the score. But 2 minutes later, the patriots have the opportunity to expand the advantage, Brady pass once again Adams steals, because it is in the Patriot half, then he easily find wide receiver Nicks completed 10 yard touchdowns and 10 Colts 14 behind at halftime. the second half, the Patriots on the ball 39 yards to the virin Colts half, and ultimately by the Brady found tight end White completed a 2 yard touchdown pass, the Patriots 21 more than 10 extended the advantage. And then the Colts only shot back 3 points. At the end of the third quarter, and Gray, he in the end before the Colts finished 1 yards and third touchdowns in the personal field, the Patriots 28 13 lead. the last day, the long-awaited moment of the counter Iraq Iraq even clues, run hard to find in the end zone before the team's offensive tackle Castro R completed a 1 yard touchdown pass. But the road again without taking a wave through the Brady poly attack disrupted the Colts defense, and Gray from the fourth individual rushing touchdowns, patriots 35 more than 20 lead. While the Colts are still struggling to shorten the score gap, "4 gear failures in the half storm, Brady immediately find the near end of Dow G Ron Kowski, by the latter after the ball reached the end to complete the 26 yard touchdown catch. The Patriots in the road 42 to 20 victory over the colts. The of the game, Tom Brady completed 19 of 30 passes with 257 yards for 2 touchdowns and 2 times., if you've been watching the Green Bay Packers game for the past two seasons, and pay attention to the gesture of smoking posture made by Aaron Aaron (Aaron Rodgers), you will be curious about what it represents. This gesture obviously refers to an attack tactic or a change of formation. Rodgers on Sunday told you that he was making this gesture just for Jay Cutler to see. Rodgers's smoking gesture is obviously to remind Cutler that such a voice was raised 2 years ago. Now it is more and more obvious. Rodgers explained this action in the interview of Wisconsin ESPN this week, which is indeed inspired by Cutler. "The gesture was to remind Cutler," said, "because there was a website called" Smoking Jay ", so I did it. Cutler and Rodgers are good friends, but we all know that Rodgers always likes to use some obscure gestures to represent tactics. He used several times last week against the Chicago bears. When he finished a ball to Jason - Wilde (Jason Wilde), it seemed to suggest that the gesture of smoking was just a trick. "It's a false signal," said. "He represents everything, and it can be a drug, because it's the way it is." doesn't matter. Anyway, Rodgers won't explain it. But no matter what smoking gesture means, we will be willing to see it as long as it brings wonderful cooperation.

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