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Detroit lions further replenish the depth of the line-up position. Local time on Tuesday, the team announced the Pittsburgh Steelers veteran receiver Lance Moore (Lance Moore) agreed to a new testament. The veteran is expected to play as a rotant player, helping the team to have a strong pass attack. lion first receiver combination will be Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) and Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), the team needs more passes for enriching the existing tactical target. Moore had worked in the New Orleans saints for 8 seasons, and then joined the steelers. Last season, Moore played a limited time, was flat, finished only 14 times. The lion's choice to sign Moore's another goal may be that he hopes to help the young players in the team grow. There are also outstanding talents in the lions team, such as Cory Fuller (Corey Fuller), Jeremy Ross (Jeremy Ross) and Ryan Blow Les (Ryan Broyles). At the same time, although Moore has lost the depth of the threat, he can still use his experience to surprise the team.The official website of NFL | chief spike wave undergoing lumbar disc herniation surgery | football Kansas City Chiefs defensive spike wave (Dontari Poe) - Don Terry will miss the team's training camp, I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping can catch the early season game is also in doubt. On Tuesday local time, the emirate trainer revealed that the wave had received a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc. The team has confirmed that he will not take part in the training camp. chief Reed (Andy Reid) said: I think he has a chance to return to the game early in the season. But there is no accurate conclusion, and we need to see what he can do in the future. In the mini training camp, the back of the wave first appeared, and as the training went deep, he had a relapse and chose to undergo surgery. Reed said that Jay Howard (Jaye Howard) would replace the position of the wave. The absence of the wave will have a certain impact on the chief's ground defense. Last season, the chief's ground defense was only twenty-eighth in the league. Last season, wave completed a career 6 capture, the team has decided to carry out his fifth year of the contract option.The official website of NFL | veteran Gore wanted to know whether he needs | football team San Francisco's 49 - man veteran Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) will become a free player if he does not renew his contract with the team by March. And he made a sentence like this on his social networking site: I know the fans love me, but I need to know whether the team manager is the same. at the end of the 2014 season, 49 of the general managers in the interview said they did not want to leave Gore. The 31 year old Gore paid 6 million 500 thousand dollars last year. Now it can be determined that 49 people will not be willing to pay such a fee for Gore. And the team's new coach hopes that the team will be able to use the running tactics more, and whether Gore can play well is unknown. Gore's 10 year career completed an incredible 11073 yard shot and 64 touchdown. He only had 2 yards in the season and did not exceed 1000 yards, and he kept the terrible data on average running every time for 4.5 yards. In the season of 2014, Gore still finished 1100 punching. He hoped to get the reply from the team. He wanted to leave his last performance in San Francisco, but now he has the option of 49 10 noble and Diego Bailey have a great relationship, 10 was Bailey's number. It is because of the genius of Bailey, 10, the ordinary number is more and more respected; more and more players wearing the number 10 jersey for the team to make contributions, more and more team leaders chose the number 10 as a symbol of their own. No. 10 are not mentioned, said another Diego Maradona. Maybe it was from the day Maradona first put on No. 10 that the meaning of No. 10 was finally determined, that is, No. 10 is the center of the team in the midfield. , No. 10 in modern football field, is the center of the team's midfield. It's a link between the backcourt and the front court. It's the initiator and organizer of the attack. It's a fighter who can transmit and shoot comprehensively. Bailey and Maradona, for a long time, have not been defined by the No. 10 Jersey on the green field. But they seem to have become an honor and a symbol. If they are able to wear No. 10 Jersey, they will have the spirit of the team Bailey and Maradona. Real Madrid used to have many classic 10 stars, such as Laudrup, Seedorf and Figo. Among them, Figo was the most successful player, and he won the golden ball award and the world player of the year in the first season. in the 2005 Figo international trade Milan, No. 10 to the time from Santos to 25 million euros to join Robinho, but the club also intends to him when the core reconstruction, who is not too successful, at that time the limelight was completely with Barcelona No. 10 small rogie, he go after three years Manchester city. Schneider was once a Real Madrid 10. In the summer of 2007, Holland gifted to join Real Madrid, first wearing No. 23, 2007-08 season 38 games, 9 balls, 9 assists, and then changed to 10, but suffered serious injuries. Schneider was cleared out to international Milan in the summer of 2009. 2009-10 of the Champions League final in the 2009-10 season beat Bayern to the top, which seems to be a matter of Real Madrid, but the final is Real Madrid's home Bernabeu. It is no doubt a irony for Real Madrid to throw Schneider in Bernabeu's national core as the core of the European crown. Schneider after the transfer will be handed over to the No. 10 Jersey has played two years in the Real Madrid midfielder France Diyala, due to its more injuries, no echo this number at the time, there are not too many people think of the French players. Diyala disk is Mesut Ozil, then in Mourinho's, Real Madrid 2011/12/ La Liga season to regain the hero, but because of laziness and Mesut Ozil games too much is not positive, this is Mesut Ozil and Mourinho's shortcomings as everyone knows, after Ancelotti took over the team, the Milky Way ship breaking move in the summer of 2013 〉 Ji

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