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Tennessee Titan lost and lost this week. In the game of Carolina black panther, the young Justin Justin Hunter Justin will miss the rest of the season. According to , according to the NFL official, Hunter will experience a long recovery, the second serious injury he suffered after a kidney injury. Hunter finished 4 times, pushing 47 yards, before the game was left out of the game. As the team's number 4 catcher, Hunter grasps the main chance of injury, this season has completed 22 receptions for 264 yards with a touchdown. As the two round of the 2013 season in the 2013 season, Hunter has yet to finish a full season. He was willing to give him more time and opportunity because of his excellent physical condition.'s every thing about the New York giants preseason game shows that their attack team will not be able to see directly on Monday night against Detroit lions. Despite the data and game videos showing their bad performance, the new attack coordinator, Ben McAdoo, insisted that his first attack team was progressing. "I think we have made progress," he told New York daily news. "We are making progress. We start to play a role in training. We have cultivated a tacit agreement between us. We just have to keep this in the game. " in the 5 preseason game giants starting quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) looks very bad, 41 pass 20 times successfully cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gained 188 yards and 1 touchdowns. In one of the games, Manning did not succeed 1 times, in the other, he had only 1 passes but did not get the number. (look in the good direction: no pass is copied!) seems to be not hard enough to learn a new attack system. As a result of injuries, the giants' attacking frontlines are still reconstructing. The starting two guard were injured on Monday night, the giant will use a rookie to stop the lions ace defensive tackle Damaken en Su (Ndamukong Suh). It would be difficult for eli. , we've seen that some teams hide most of their tactics after adopting the new offensive system, so that the preseason performance is bad, but then wait for the regular season to start quickly. The giant was obviously not a team like that, but there had been a more crazy thing in the first battle of the season.Rugby |NFL became the first sports league to live on Sina micro-blog in China NFL became the first sports league to live a live event on Sina micro-blog in China star network news , December 28, 2016, the US professional football league (NFL) announced that today it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sina, micro-blog, China's leading social media platform. in addition to the six regular season games broadcast in the past few weeks, Sina micro-blog will also broadcast the last week of the regular season Sunday night games, three playoff games and the super bowl, which is NFL as the first sign of sports alliance with sina micro-blog has created a sports communication protocol. Sina micro-blog sports manager Zhang Zhe said: "we are very pleased to NFL and establish strategic partnership, the hope can help NFL better future Chinese to expand market share, micro-blog users can make the first time to watch live matches and watch the race short video content at the end of the game, and these contents will be forwarded and user communication. Based on the events, we will also work with NFL to promote commercialization of advertising. We also believe that the future social media will be the core of the promotion of sports events at home and abroad. Sports and social interaction will be the most important part of the industry chain. "Sina micro-blog will be an outstanding partner for NFL to promote and attract fans in the mainland of China," said NFL general manager Richard Young. We are very excited about being able to promote NFL games to hundreds of millions of fans with Sina and micro-blog. We firmly believe that the long-term partnership with sina micro-blog will be of great value to both NFL and Chinese sponsors. " Sina micro-blog is one of the most popular social networking sites in China. It has 132 million active users (DAU) and 297 million month active users (MAU). Its market impact is equal to Twitter and Youtube in the US. An average of 100 million messages are posted on micro-blog every day. now, NFL has more than 1 million 500 thousand online viewers in China a week, while the ratings are still growing. In addition, more than five million people watch NFL video clips on average weekly, and many users watch early games by watching video games. Besides the live broadcast of micro-blog account, NFL will also issue short videos, highlights and other NFL peripheral video content, including 10 weekly good balls, 5 weekly running balls and catching balls. through this cooperation, NFL has further expanded its dissemination in China's digital media platform, and has made more platforms and more convenient ways for Chinese users.NFL official website in Cleveland Brown has identified candidate, football champion show nest This year Cleveland Brown will be the first draft pick the players of the team, but in the Brown general manager Sassy - Brown (Sashi Brown), is now the turn of San Francisco 49 people who worry about picking. Michael Sylva (Michael Silver), a reporter for the NFL official network, reported that Brown had made a decision on their top candidate. Sassy - Brown told Sylva that they had finalized two weeks ago, and only 3 to 4 knew who they were going to choose. if they choose people who are away from Myles Garrett of Dezhou Agricultural University, the draft will have an amazing start this year. Gareth has made 31 escapement in the last 3 seasons and can immediately provide Brown with the help. however, there are still reports that Brown management wants to pick the quarterback with the number one. If Gareth is not a scholar, University of North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Chubisiji (Mitchell Trubisky) may be the most likely candidate. I didn't take any rank very high, but if Brown thinks Mitchell is Chubisiji person they need, if they think he will win a lot of games in the next 10 years, so why not in the twelfth overall pick him? Mike York (Mike Mayock), an expert on the NFL show, said. I don't think a quarterback should be selected with the number one champion. But if they really feel this way, why don't they choose the four point guard instead of the champion, then they will no longer worry about this position? , of course, there's always a chance that Brown will choose a deal, but if there is no deal, Brown's mind is decided. In another day, the world will know who they are going to choose. Before that time, only a few of the Brown team knew their choice. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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