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this week, the Chicago bears against the Miami dolphins, bears the star wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) will meet with former club. Speaking at the Miami times, Marshall heart still has many complaints, in an interview, the five occupation bowl talked about him and took over the former teammate, then the dolphins starting quarterback Chad Haenni (Chad Henne) working experience. Marshall said: "our team was a quarterback, defensive team is quite strong, but the offensive end disappointed. To be honest, there were many talented young people in the team. If we could have a good quarterback, we could make a great difference. It's a pity that we didn't meet that man. " wire for Haenni Marshall made no secret of his disappointment, in his two season and Haenni cooperation, the dolphins were achieved only 7 wins and 9 losses and 6 wins and 10 negative results. Duri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng the 2012 offseason, the dolphins general manager Geoff Ireland (Jeff Ireland) will be quite cheap deal to Marshall bears. on the year of the transaction, Marshall said: "I was very surprised, I was very happy but Geoff told me that my home is the bear team. I think this deal is the best for me and my family. After all, living in Chicago is my dream. " who participated in the Al Jazeera sports documentary about drug use told reporters that the Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning in the documentary (Peyton Manning visits investigation) and never directly linked to the use of human growth hormone. , "the only accusation in the program is that human growth hormone is continuously sent from Gail clinic to Ashley Manning (Ashley Manning) in Florida," the Al Jazeera correspondent said. "We did not charge Payton - Manning." Ashley - Manning has been married to Payton Manning for 14 years. Manning's agent did not deny that Ashley, who had twins in 2011, accepted the drugs, and Manning confirmed that he had been treated at the Gail clinic. has released the documentary on Al Jazeera. Manning has denied the use of banned drugs and criticized the documentary two times during the media interview. The documentary claims that Ashley Manning received human growth hormone in 2011, and the same year Manning was recovering from neck surgery. Human growth hormone (hGH) is prohibited by NFL, and the test of this drug began before the 2014 agent linebacker Bruce Irwin (Bruce Irvin) will not be out of work too long. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars intends to introduce irwin. Rapoport, according to two people familiar with news reports of fierce chase Irwin cardinals. three of Irwin intentionally team for his performance is very familiar with. The Cardinals at least annually to face the Seahawks defensive and Irwin group two times, the Falcon and America fordoo by former Seahawks defensive coordinator as coach. Irwin in the offseason was reported last year said they wanted Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) play the falcon. Before the Seahawks defensive coordinator Quin or Gus - Bradley (Gus Bradley) is able to successfully introduce Irwin worthy of attention. There is an urgent need to pass the impact of stable Cardinals may be the most suitable for him. Irwin last season when the Seahawks made 38 tackles and 5.5 sacks. He may be in the Seahawks days are over.The official website of NFL | to hire coach Kelly jioubu Panthers running back to join Eagle | Rugby Philadelphia hawks released a statement, the Carolina Panthers running back Ken Joe - Bana (Kenjon Barner) will move to the hawks and eagles will pay for a conditional seventh round pick next year. Bana was selected in the sixth round by the Panther team last year, but did not get much performance. But the Hawks side in the running back position is difficult, Chris Polk (Chris Polk) since after a hamstring injury has been unable to recover, and Racine - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Darren Adams (Darren Sproles) Papadopoulos performance is just passable. will join Ken Joe for the team in the running back position to bring the depth, eagles coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said, I knew him in Oregon, where he performed very well, a lot of production. He was fast, explosive and able to show four stunning performances. Our current plan is to get him to Philadelphia as soon as possible, so that he will be a running guard and a back attack.

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