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The official website of NFL | Edelman online sale pass | football T-shirt this is perhaps Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) occupation career pass only one touchdown, and also his first NFL level pass, so why not celebrate? Maybe you can make a lot of money? , our new England patriot's catcher now sells the T-shirt with The Pass on his personal website, which is just the moment he passed the ball. this pass appear in section third against Baltimore crow, Edelman took Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of the cross, and then pass 51 yards to receiver Danny (Danny Amendola) - Amen Della's hand, the game eventually 35 to 31 win over the patriots. the introduction of this dress under $29.99 is written with perfect passing data, you know. actually, in the university period, he was the first quarterback of 3 consecutive years in University. After being selected by patriots in 2009, he became a foreign player. As he said, it has become history. This season he has completed 92 hits and pushed 972 yards and 4 touchdown.The official website of NFL | Philip - Rivers's younger brother, eager to get NFL chance | football Stephen Rivers (Stephen Rivers) knows that family ties and his surname may give him the chance, but he tries to discover opportunities in draft. he is San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers lightning (Philip Rivers) brother. But in addition to the two people in the high school is the star quarterback and No. 17 in their most career, the two brot cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hers's career. Philip at the North Carolina State University in the first 51 games, a record number of history records, cis position is selected and in effect during the lightning six time occupation bowl in the 2004 draft fourth. , the 24 year old Stephen, started 9 games in 3 different universities, the last 6 of which were completed for the Northwestern State University, the Northwestern State University. Even the 6 starters were back for him after being derogated as a substitute at the beginning of the season. obviously my brother's career is very different from my career direction, Stephen said. Stephen took part in the test area NFL camp held in the Arizona Cardinals training base. Here, more than 150 recently graduated students from the University have participated in a whole day's training and testing projects in front of the team scouts. Like his brother, Stephen was a top high school player in Louisiana, and he started choosing Louisiana State University. But in the first year when he became a new member of the red dress, he spent the next two years as a substitute. It meant that he had just played 2 balls in three years. He transferred to Vanderbilt University before the fourth season, hoping to compete in the first quarterback position, but on the contrary he was one of the 4 quarterback players who won the 2014 season. He only passed the ball 65 times and made only 38% of the pass rate. After he got his bachelor's degree, Stephen had a year's qualification, but he thought it was clear that Vanderbilt University needed a young quarterback. In June 2015, Stephen transferred to Northwestern State University. As a graduate student in sports management, he had a quick qualification but lost his starting position in September. He started back in the middle of the season, completing 79.7% passes in the last 4 games, 788 yards and 6 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. , of course, the season was almost over when he finally got the performance. But he was surprised to receive an invitation to the NFL players' Union University bowl. In this game he made 17 passes 11 successful 96 yards and 1 touchdowns, is the best quarterback in the field. him for himself in the test area.Carolina Panther announced on Thursday that they had cut off defensive end front Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson). , the 29 year old passing shock hand, has become a possible candidate for his own $15 million wage cap in the next season. The Black Panther will save about $11 million in salary cap space. , Charles has been an important player in the Carolina Black Panthers for a long time, "Dave Gettleman, general manager, said in a statement." Dave is a major player in the Carolina Panthers. "His data shows everything. As the team captain, he leads the team in the way you want it - the power of the example. I wish him all the best in the future. " Johnson spent 9 seasons in the black panther and spent most of his career as the team's main passing player. He has made a total of 63.5 escapement in 9 years, but last season he had only 1 escapement and 7 capture in 9 regular games. in last week's NFL test in the camp, Hetman twice the team left for Johnson evaded the issue of whether or not. He took Johnson's history of injury as one of the reasons for hesitation. But the final team considered the layoffs after consideration. reported that before cutting Johnson, the Panther had hoped he would accept a pay drop. But Johnson decided to test the free players in the market. If Johnson did not get a better offer in the free agent market, it would not be surprising to get back to the Panther. like Mario - Williams (Mario Williams) this name in the offseason and Panther together, but don't expect Gethmann generous contract, it is not his style. On the contrary, the Panther may have more out of the cap space to lock up their free players and increase the rotation of the players. cut Johnson to pave the way for more time in the super bowl to get more time for Kony Ealy. According to reports also love their young Panther defensive end Arthur merry (Arthur Miley) and Cox (Rakim Cox) - rajim.San Francisco 49 people seems to have determined the next manager: Atlanta falcons offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan). do they have a goal for the next first quarterback? NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported: "if Washington red skin did not let Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) become exclusive privilege player, if 49 people pursue koxings, do not be surprised about this. Shanahan served as the red leather offense coordinator between 2010 and 2013. Rapoport said to play an important role in the decision-making process in the selection of Cousins Shanahan team. The connection is easy to understand. Cousins knows the offense and he Shanahan may 2012 Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) is a free agent quarterback best free player since. cousins in the past two seasons pass 9083 yards and 54 touchdowns, only 23 passes was stole. In this period of time the red skin was 17 - 14, 1 - draw. His pass rate is almost 70%, which is the same level as some of the best quarterback in the league. After joining 49 people, will have great decision-making power in the search for the quarterback. obviously this is just an early stage. Cousins and Shanahan to reunite and there are many obstacles to overcome, including red to Cousins again hit the privilege of tags may, it will force 49 people not only have to pay precious picks may also be cousins and signed a new contract. In view of the fact that Cousins had signed the contract price tag privilege, he would think that any long-term contract of salary to $20 million to $24 million this range. It's not cheap to make koxins join, but will there be a quarterback that knows the boss system at the start of next season? Will it be worth the price?

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