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The official website of NFL | Eagles quarterback Fowles injured clavicle fear injury 4 weeks | football Philadelphia hawk quarterback Nick - Fowles (Nick Foles) left the clavicle in Sunday's victory over the Houston Dezhou. According to the Philadelphia sports network Kang Custer Derek Gunn (Derrick Gunn) reported that Fowles speculated Monday on clavicle fracture, the injury MRI scans to determine the degree of injury. Fowles was damaged by the Dezhou team's outside guard Whitney Masi Lius (Whitney Mercilus) to damage the clavicle from the left of the left side. It is expected that there will be a 4-6 week recovery period, because last year, the Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers team was also injured in the area for 8 weeks, and Aaron Rodgers was also injured. Before the end of 13 passes completed 10 times with 124 yards and 1 touchdowns Fowles injured, and 1 interceptions. The Hawks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping finally defeated the Houston Dezhou 31 - 21 in the 31 - 21 field.After the 13 game, the Arizona Cardinals did not leave the scene too much shock, they forge ahead in their own way. Although the Cardinals play unlike some of the other team makes the audience excited, but now they have won 10 games in the National League leader. as a basketball fan, Larry - Fitzgerald (Larry the core Fitzgerald) again this week compared the team and the Sanantonio Spurs: "we are an earnest team like the Spurs. The difference is that they have reaped a lot of champion rings, and we don't have it yet. This is our current goal. When you watch the San Antonio game, their playing is not passionate, the most common is Tim Duncan (Tim Duncan) picking up the defensive rebounds, pushing the team steadily and shooting. It's very effective, and we've been trying to show it. " for the cardinals, the season has entered the most crucial phase. In the past few weeks they are not as strong as they were before. To make a difference, the team needs to do better. If Fitzgerald is the cardinal Duncan, he must also be Toni - Parke (Tony Parker) and Manu Ginobili (Manu Ginobili) help.Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) has been removed from the list of concussion team in the United States Wednesday to resume training. Roethlisberger on Wednesday said in an interview, he said he plans to play in Sunday's game against the Indianapolis pony game: "I do not know the final results of the test, but I feel very good, because when I left the training room trainer told me that my state is very good. It's not a problem. I'm ready. " A and the Seattle Seahawks game due to his concussion to leave the final team to 30 than 39 lost the match. When the United States Tuesday, Roethlisberger has said he has passed through the radio concussion test, but coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said concussion situation Roethlisberger went there. news: Ross Lys Berg left ahead of the brain concussionDenver wild horse and Indianapolis pony's United semifinals are triggered in the semifinals, and the health problems of both players are also the focus of the fans' attention. Local time Friday, the Broncos officially announced that defensive end Kuntelusi - Smith (Quanterus Smith) for a left knee injury, will miss this week's game. Smith's anterior cruciate cruciate ligament of the knee was seriously injured during college, and the injury was suspected to have recurred to old injuries. Smith still participated in all the training of the team on Wednesday, but only a small amount of basic training was done on Thursday. After a day, the team listed him as "unable to play." During the regular season, Smith, as a substitute for DeMarcus - DeMarcus Ware, played 28.5% defensive gears, an important rotation of the team. at the same time, the Mustang matrix also have good news, linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) is expected to return this week. Local time in Friday's training, Marshall participated in training the team, then he will be classified as "doubt". But Marshall himself is very confident, he believes he can catch up with the pony. In addition to , several key players in the wild horse attack team were also trained to return to training. Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), de mares Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) and Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) have all participated in the training. It's worth noting that Julius Thomas has only finished 3 times since he was injured in November 16th. If he can find the state of the regular first half of the game, it will bring great help to the attacking team of the wild horse.

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