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The official website of NFL, the replacement of the eighth Miami dolphins stadium name, football nest even the most enthusiastic fans of the Miami dolphins will not be able to write down all the names of the courts since 1987. recently the dolphin once again replaced the new name, hard rock Hard Rock stadium. This is the eighth home name changed by the team. They were: Dolphin Dolphin stadium, Joe Robbie stadium, dolphin Dolphins stadium, professional player Park, professional player stadium, Lu shark Landshark stadium, and sunshine life Sun Life stadium. , this hard rock stadium is expected to continue for some time. Someone said: when your child enters kindergarten, he will graduate from high school, and the name of this stadium will be hard stone. that's good news for the dolphin fans, and don't have to remember the name of the new stadium every time.tiger June 22nd, Derek Carle, a former quarterback, has cheap nfl jerseys free shipping promised to update his state for the first time, and he has not broken his word. Carle confirmed on Twitter to renew his contract with the Raiders. Text Translation: Twitter is now complete! I hope this will make me a permanent Raider player. Further more?? God bless! Business is done! Now concentrate on playing. The contract will give Derek - Carle an annual income of $25 million, which makes him the highest paid player in the league. He has been passing 11194 yards in his three season, 81 and 31 times. Will have a higher salary? Pay attention to the contract after Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford), Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) and Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers).After repaired the torn patellar ligament, Victor, the New York giant's Victor Cruz, said on Friday that he is confident that the injury that he will lose in the season will not threaten his career. has spoken publicly for the first time since he was defeated in the Philadelphia hawk competition. Cruz said that the doctor told him that the operation went smoothly. The doctors didn't see any more damage on his knee. The time for recovery is between 4 and 8 months. "They said I had a great chance of returning," Cruz said. "I'm excited about this process." This process began on Monday at the special operating hospital in Manhattan. First Cruz's knee needs a 6 - week bracket, then a long recovery stage. Cruz said he hopes he can recover part of the giant next offseason training time, he believes he can return to the past and the powerful state. "I have no doubt in my heart," he said. "I have no doubt that I can return. I believe I can stay at the top when I return. " At the same time, Cruz said he wanted to do what could be done to help his teammates in the rest of the season. He said he had a lot of contact with him, and he also prepared a video surprise for Sunday's evening meeting with the former Dallas cowboy giant Saturday. Cruz said some of his players doubt is not in the first attack zone in the injured knee catch some damage, but he said he did not feel anything, until he tried to jump to answer that might have made a touchdown catch. "I ran my own line, and I turned to catch the ball," he said. "When I was about to get the ball, even before I jumped, I felt a broken sound. I felt something broken, which I had never felt before in my life. " Since that day, he has seen the photos of the attack, but he has not seen the video yet, and he does not intend to see it. Cruz said he has been received support from the entire union moved, including went to the hospital to see his Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly). He said other giant catchers told him that if they got the game in the next game they would celebrate with his traditional Sasa dance. "It feels good," he said. "It feels good to know that everyone is supporting me."The outside agreed that the Chicago bear might choose to give up his own quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler). 's recent team general manager Ryan Pace told an interview that the team's choice for the quarterback next season could happen. Cutler will bring his lowest salary in 7 years and 126 million dollars contract next season, so if we want to make a decision, the bear team will cut off or trade Cutler in the rest season. said: "a lot of sincere chat is going on here, because we both need to make decisions for the future. Whatever the final choice is, he will be the first to know it. This is my promise to him, though there is no decision at present." The bears have won 3 wins and 13 losses this season. This year's draft No. three has been signed. It is not yet clear whether Cutler can recover from shoulder surgery to return to the 2017 list.

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