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In the base of | China Softball Association 2015 second pitcher training camp ended after the Xishuangbanna pitcher training camp in March this year, the China Softball Association held the second phase of the pitcher training camp in Beijing Olympic Sports Center in from May 5th to 17th. , this training camp is larger than that in the first stage, and more trainees. A total of 34 pitchers from 11 first-line teams, 11 catchers and 11 coaches participated in the training. Li Minkuan's lecture Chinese Softball Association carefully designed, carefully organize the training camp, invited senior Japanese baseball coach, former Japanese national team star pitcher sometani, 8 character cast method creator Li Nianmin and Hongkong coach Liu Guoye has the pitcher pitching coach tactical and special physical fitness and a full range of guidance and training to the students, softball senior coach Li Minkuan also made special lectures and China World Softball Pitching technology development history for students. in more than 10 days of training, training pitchers attitude, training hard, dare to innovate, dare to try, has been fully recognized by the instru cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ctor, the emergence of some young pitchers has development potential, for the association to start construction in 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games pitching has taken a solid first step. China Softball Association plans to hold the third phase of the pitcher training camp after the national Softball Tournament in August. The training camp will mainly focus on the 16 year old pitchers. (Graphic / base Association)The official website of NFL | former NFL player since 2011 in the ring 5 wins | football Before Baltimore defender Tom crow Si zbikowski (Tom Zbikowski) since 2011 in the boxing ring finished with 5 wins and 0 losses record. from 2003 to 2007 Tom was University of Notre Dame star safety, in 2006 he started the first boxing through his. He went to the professional boxing match again during the NFL player strikes in 2011. has completed 4 wins and 0 losses in the past, but he didn't participate in the 5 year's competition for the professional boxers until this Friday, but the 30 year old veteran obviously knew he could win fifth games. in fact, Tom's previous situation was so bad that he had been fighting the bad habit of drinking, and he had been found to have used marijuana. Tom's NFL career completed 126 grappling, 2 quarterback killing and 3 copying.The official website of NFL, Carolina both Panther 26:15 away, red football nest Beijing time on Tuesday, December 20th, at 9:30 on Tuesday, the Washington red team was in the home town for the Carolina panther in a week and one night match. The Panther kept four consecutive wins against the red skin; the two teams last played in the eleventh week of last season's regular season, when the Panther won the red skin at home 44:16. The campaign, 5 wins and 8 losses for the Panthers to improve the team at bad grades, and 7 wins and 5 losses and 1 draws Redskins retained the first playoff hopes. personnel, red leather Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) will start to meet the old owner. The Redskins linebacker will Compton (Will Compton) and Craven (Su'a Cravens, Insua) were injured, Panther star linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) through a concussion check, but still miss the game. In addition, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) will start with the right shoulder injury. road Panthers attack first, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) near the end Greg Olsen the first pass of the game will find no defense (Greg Olsen), with 31 yards. The wide receiver Ted Jean (Ted Ginn Jr.) is also connected with the short run 18 yards, then kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano) hit a 35 yard free kick, the red Panther 3:0. The Redskins third out after the Panthers again. Cam Newton in passing shot after the right shoulder was Ryan Kerrigan (Ryan Kerrigan) impact, but it does not matter, then the Panthers out of gear. Quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) in the midfield line pass receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), 23 yards to the kicker Dustin Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) hit a 43 yard free kick opportunity, the red Panther 3:3. Jonathan Stewart - running back panther (Jonathan Stewart) on the left side rushed down the ball 15 yards, and Brown took over concores (Corey Brown) with short run 14 yards. Enter the red half, unguarded wide receiver Ted Jean finished 30 yards the ball in the end zone, touchdown, leading the red Panther 10:3. 7 points behind the Redskins to pass, Kirk - cousins pass by Qiang Wei Kurt Coleman (Kurt Coleman) steals, Coleman 37 return yards, led the team to the red half of the 24 yard line. The game was in the second quarter, the Panthers took the opportunity to hit a 23 yard free kick by Graham ganor, Panther 13:3 lead. Redskins again three out.The official website of NFL | patriots receiver Edelman return to training | football new England Patriots will be able to become the most dreadful attack group in the alliance one or two weeks. The proximal front Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus' Thursday morning to return to training and wear kneepads took part in training. On Friday, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) also return to training. Since the Edelman since mid November against the New York Giants game sidelined midfoot fracture. as a quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the most reliable passing target, play well in Edelman slot allows the offensive team to keep running. The absence of Edelman was a big blow to the Patriots. but it's not all good news. According to Boston media reports, Edelman looks a little limp, he may still need a week or two weeks to return to the game. the patriots have lost a lot of important members this season, but they are able to return to their return before the playoffs. And Edelman may be the most important one of them.

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