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The official website of NFL, the Vikings rookie running back Darwin Cook praised the football training performance, wo Minnesota Vikings selected running Darwin Cook (Dalvin Cook) on the second round. Although the gamble will take months after a new season to know whether it works, at least there is a reason to believe that there will be a good result. , he showed a good acceleration, footsteps and vision, which is consistent with many of the performances we saw in the video. Mike Zimmer Mike said after training. (he is) good boy; in today's blitz quarterback cover training look very smart. Zimmer also said that now guess is Cook or sign in the free agent market running back Murray Latta Gaius (Latavius Murray) will win the starting position is too early, but Cook said no problem. that's not my ultimate goal, Cook said. My ultimate goal is to find my role, just want to come to the team and make a contribution in any possible place to help the team win. is the fact that Murray's ank cheap nfl jerseys free shipping le surgery has allowed him to return to training until the training camp, which could give Cook an advantage. so in the case of Cook, Murray and Jericho Mackinnon (Jerick McKinnon), maybe the Vikings won't miss Adrian Adrian so much. Of course, a huge progressive attack front will be a great help to them. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.According to 's reliable news from NFL official website, New Orleans saints have decided to continue to use rob Ryan (Rob Ryan) as the defense coordinator of the 2015 season. After a nightmare season, has been blamed for the saints' coaching team, and many of them have chosen to point the spearhead to Ryan. Prior to the interview, coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) and general manager Meagan - (Mickey Loomis) to work on problems of Ryan's tight lipped, has not revealed the team's plans. But we can see from the interview that Payton still trusts his partner very much. Ryan, in his 11 year defense coordinator career, has only 2 seasons to defend the team to the top 13 of the league, and his team has 5 seasons in the defensive top 5. One of the important reasons why Ryan can stay in office is that he has a good relationship with the players. A number of defenders asked the team to leave Ryan, to some extent, to some extent, and to a certain extent, the team made the final decision. NFL official website reporter revealed that although the team chose to leave a few core members of the coaching team, some changes are still unavoidable. The saints plan to dismiss the current coach, the near end coach and the defender coach.(Blaine Gabbert) - Sergey Gabot at the start of training camp in San Francisco was considered the 49 team is Colin Kapunike (Colin Kaepernick)'s bench. But after his nightmare performance on Thursday night at the local time, we couldn't take it for granted. BOT against Baltimore crow team in 11 passes only 3 pass 20 yards, 1 passes was stole. His pass is far away from his pass target. "I think in the lineup some position will compete," 49 coach Jim (Jim Harbaugh) - Hargreaves said at the quarterback position asked the team. "The fastest man will be able to stay. I think a lot of positions apply to this reason at the end. " The 49 team seemed to have no good choice at the four point position. Another backup quarterback Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson) the game data is more good-looking, but he couldn't lead the team in scoring. Johnson in return to his former difficult in NFL based on hargreaves. Former coach at the University of San Diego for his three season. Mike Rhodes of Thompson (McLeod Bethel-Thompson) and lack of experience and almost as bad as Gabot. if Kapunike out for a period of time, whether a team of 49 people to stay competitive in doubt. It is also doubtful whether the 49 - man's substitute for the quarterback at the start of the regular season is already in the game.The official website of NFL |NFL on the sidelines of the new tablet computer technology to do battle command | football this season, the NFL team can use Microsoft's tablet computer in the game, mainly for photographing or videotaping, and analyzing the situation on the field. Unlike previous photographs, a tablet can more easily zoom in or down the picture, look at the details, and adjust the tactics in time. but the new technology can not be a big and small problem in the trial period. Bill coach Doug Maroni (Doug Marrone) is obviously not satisfied with the new technology. After he lost to the giants, he complained that his tablet computer could not be used in the first two quarters. They told me that the tablet was good, but it didn't really work at all. But I am very excited to try new things, the second half is always in use, I like it. is still a month from the regular season, and the NFL alliance and Microsoft still have enough time to debug the system to be used when the regular season is coming.

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