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The official website of NFL, NFL before the tight end Michel Henry died of leukemia in rugby nest Michel Henry (Mitchell Henry) died on Friday in the United States after seven months of fighting with leukemia before the July 2nd news of NFL. , according to the media, left Henry in the company of his family and friends. Henry played two games for the wild horse in 2015, and last season had been used by packers and crows. Crow with him in November after termination, he visited Kentucky a doctor because the shoulder problem is then diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. we are proud of Michel's struggle against the disease and have been proud of his life in the past 24 years. His family said in social media that we are grateful to everyone who has supported Michel over the past 7 months. R.I.P The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authent cheap nfl jerseys free shipping icity.Denver wild horse's outside hand to Benny Fuller (Bennie Fowler) will be absent for several weeks because of a left - hand elbow fracture in the pre - season. Fuller last season as a rookie player to finish 16 receptions for 203 yards, including Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) the last pass, since he is the No. third Mustang took over, the team is now the new quarterback Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) is one of the new weapons, Fuller is also the secret service. A member of the. this preseason game, Fuller completed 3 catches for 18 yards, and in the second day stop Chicago bears punt success for the team into a touchdown. Fuller himself said, "it's not a big deal," and is expected to return to the final game in the pre - season.The official website of NFL | timeterrain: Vikings stadium seats and 20 degrees | football team two years ago, when the Minnesota Vikings were preparing to move to the TCF Bank Stadium, they studied the temperature of the stadium, and decided to move the seat from the south side of Minnesota State University team to the north side of the stadium. Because the shadow of the stadium will cover the seats on the south side, and the northern side of Vikings will be more sunny and warm, especially in the cold season of the second half of the season. however, they didn't know how big the temperature would be on both sides of the stadium before. During 's match against the Carolina Panther last week, the Vikings measured the temperature on both sides of the stadium. Mike, Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said that during the opening season, the temperature was 12 degrees Fahrenheit (11.1 degrees below zero Celsius), while the temperature difference between the players on the north and south sides of the stadium was 20 degrees Fahrenheit. And after half the game, the Vikings are still shining when the shadow of the stadium covers most of the courts. Zimmer said several players were grateful for the decision to move to the north side of the seat. Zimmer said, "we knew there was a big temperature difference before, because we studied the sun, the wind and the whole." But I didn't think the temperature difference was 20 degrees. The Vikings had conducted temperature tests in the past 2 home games (November 2nd against Washington Red Leather team and November 23rd against Green Bay Packers). The temperature difference is 15 degrees and 17 degrees respectively. There must be a great difference between the players sitting on the north and the south side of the stadium. The Panther's players don't seem to be able to get excited at all in the cold weather, especially on the cold side. Perhaps the south side of the Vikings will still help them weaken the visitors in the remaining 2 games in December. the temperature on Sunday is expected to be around 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1.1 degrees centigrade), so the cold should not be a major factor. But the fans who watched the ball on the south side of the seat last week should have seen the cold, which should change their seat orientation this week.last week Denver Mustang defeated Cleveland Brown in overtime 26 - 23. , but their first round pick this year, Sean Ray (Shane Ray) and the first to take the lead in Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), will be absent for several weeks due to injury. is injured in the medial ligament of the left foot and is expected to be absent for a few weeks. Saunders has a shoulder injury and is expected to return to the Green Bay Packer in November 1st. this season, the first round of six games has contributed only 4 escapement and 2 quarterback escapement. Saunders has completed 38 shots to push 527 yards and 3, and the Mustang coaching team is hoping Saunders will be able to return to the wrapper's game. related news: the wild horse passing by hand will be absent from the next game,

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