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first stage NFL FLAG football coach, referee certification training class successfully fell to the curtain. The training of three days and two nights has not only promoted the level of education of the flag football coaches throughout the country, standardized the referee's penalty standard, but also provided the opportunity for the football players to have deep communication, and promoted the popularization and development of the flag football in 2017. In order to meet the domestic flag football enthusiasts demand, training more schools and flag football professional teachers, coaches and referees for extended NFL2017 flag football game ball, love bao (Beijing) football culture development limited company to carry out the second phase of the coaches and referees certification training. AI ball (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the only professional sponsor of the Chinese Professional Football League NFL waist flag football match, and is also a partner of NFL play60 project. training advantage authority - training qualified students will get the most influential, most authoritative NFL waist flag football coach and referee certification certificate; professionalism -- the training coaching team has rich experience in training and rugby, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and combines theory with practice to get professional and authoritative football teaching experience. practicality - the outstanding person has the opportunity to participate in the law enforcement of the NFL Chinese waist flag football match and the popularization and promotion of the waist flag football project. course arrangement and required equipment in the morning for the indoor courses, in the afternoon for practical exercises, indoor training at night. students have to prepare sportswear, sneakers and whistles. training time: 5, 6, 7, May 2017, training class site: Shunyi District, Beijing, Shunyi District, Wang Chao Garden Resort, course cost training class: 3980 yuan /3 days, the cost includes three days and two nights hotel accommodation costs and meals. all applicants who are enrolled in the training class will provide insurance. registration deadline for April 21st, hurry up the time to sign up! consulting phone: registration method: pay attention to the official public number "IQBFootball" or scan the lower two-dimensional code below to obtain registration information.The 2016 season's sixteenth week season and one night race, the lion @ , and the live address "" , the last night of the regular season will be held in the two teams of the League of nations this season. The Detroit lions will bid farewell to the cold north and go south to Dezhou to challenge the Dallas Cowboys this season. Dallas cowboy's performance has been greatly improved this season, which comes from relatively fewer injuries, strong protection of offensive fronts and high level play of several newcomer. The old team captain Jason Witten still continues his legendary career, until now the veteran has reached the ball 11845 yards behind the legendary tight end Toni Gonzales was ranked second in history. Sean, Li Wei, though he wasn't able to enter this year's professional bowl, but his performance is obvious to all. Last season and this season, Li has brushed up to the 268 catch and catch data, leading the league. Detroit lions are likely to get in the top North Union playoffs, as long as the game they won the packers lost, they will again reach this achievement. This season's recovery is not only in the offensive team, but also in their increasingly robust second line defense. Cornerback Darius viceira has breached 12 times pass in the last 9 games, has gradually become the Union over the nightmare. The safety glaveau Quin since 2014 has got 13 steals, tied for the same period up to the League of nations. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The official website of NFL, defensive end Gore Houstton and Tampa Bay Buccaneers contract in 5 years, football wo Tampa Bay pirates locked a passing player before the free agent market opened. pirates announced on Monday that the defensive side William Gore Houstton Gholston will renew the contract with the team for 5 years, the contract value is 27 million 500 thousand dollars, and Gore Houstton may also get a 9 million dollar bonus. in the fourth round of the 2013 draft, Gore Houstton was impressed every season in his career, and he was particularly good at running. In the 14 games he played in the last season, he had 49 grappling, 3 escapement, 9 grabs leading to the number of lost codes, 6 blocking shots and 1 forced balls. He was absent from the last 2 games of the season with a dislocated elbow, but he did not need surgery. for the pirates defense are making progress, keep Gore Houstton is offseason priorities. Gore Houstton's team can keep the stable side of the pirate defense front. Gore Houstton can play multiple positions, which allows the pirates to deploy defensive frontlines flexibly. The pirate defense team did well in the late last season, and the renewal of Gore Houstton could keep them that way. However, there are a lot of good passes in this year's show, not to exclude the possibility that the pirates choose a new show to hit the hand. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.has a week ahead of the Patriots locked AP first position, is likely to be part of the main holiday arrangements in the final round of the match against Bill, but spike wilfork reasons must play the game. The reason for is that in the contract terms of vifco, there is an activation clause worth 1 million 250 thousand of the bonus, which is that weiflock can play in the defensive number of more than 70% of the Patriots and take part in the semi-finals of the Federation. Although the patriots have got the Federation to ensure that the Federation will participate in the first semi-final qualification, but this season, wilfork currently in the Patriot defense played 1031 file 764 file (74.1%), if not the last fight, is likely to drop below 70%, you will not be able to activate the clause. so the Patriot fans are likely to see the leader of the defensive team appearing in the regular season.

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