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flag football football is simplified and safer version, while retaining the football tactics, team core value and charm, to tear the flag instead of collision to avoid physical contact, to maximize the protection of participants is a gender, age, location and other factors, suitable for all people participation in sports and happiness within. Starting in 2015, all Chinese olive fans over the age of 9 will have the chance to participate in the NFL flag football game this year. Teams from all age groups can compete for the champions of their own cities. The University team's city champion will also qualify for the seventh session of the University bowl. Shanghai competition area , No. 135, Jianguo West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai; competition time 8 29, 30 - first cup 9 19, 20 - second cup matches 10 month 31, November 1st - the University team city final & primary school group, junior high school group, high school group, open group third cup 11 14, 15 - primary school, junior high school, high school, open group city final & seventh session of the University Bowl Final age group primary school cheap nfl jerseys free shipping - 9 - 12 - year - old junior high school - 13 - 15 - year - old high school - 16 - 18 - year - old University Group - 18 - 22 - year - old open group - 18 and above * note: players who meet the age or age group can sign up for the age before August 1, 2015. team mode players who meet the requirements of age and school status may be able to sign up for team team or free team team in addition to the university group, all the other age groups accepted and welcomed the female players to sign up for only accepts the team as a unit, and does not accept the individual sign up each team has at least 8 players, up to 10 people, and can sign up for up to 2 coaches or team leaders, enrolment competition adopts the form of online registration of free team team, and the team leader enrolment and registration. The opening time is August 17th. Please pay attention to the latest information from the official website of NFL and the public account of micro-blog and WeChat. competition cost The team must pay 1000 yuan as the cost of the competition, including NFL waist flag, rugby match qualification, NFL waist flag football match dress 10, waist flag 10 pairs, rugby 10, rule manual, training manual and coach POLO shirt 2 pieces. The cost of competition must be paid online at the time of registration. If you need an invoice, please indicate at the time of registration and provide the receipt of the invoice.The official website of NFL | patriot and defense Terrence Knighton signed | football spike According to the official website of NFL media celebrity Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that the new England patriots have on Thursday local time with free agent Terrence - defensive spike (Terrance Knighton) Knighton signed, it is the two sides signed a one-year contract value of $4 million 500 thousand. ESPN was the first to burst out the news. Terrence Knighton in the offseason and last year because of soaring weight laissez faire which led to his missed opportunity to sign the contract, the final is a year short about Washington's hiring. This offseason he lost nearly 30 pounds of body weight, body fat was also restored to the level before the patriot, immediately to the olive branch. After some tangled, Knighton still choose to leave red patriot to join. He will strengthen the patriot's running strength in the middle, and will also relieve the pressure on the rotation of the Patriots on the frontline.for the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) for the decision has been revoked. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday that U.S. District Court judge David (David S. Doty) more favorable to Peterson has made a ruling in support of the NFL Players Association on the revocation of the previous arbitration officer suspended punishment decision request maintenance. "The request for revocation of the previous arbitration decision is allowed," according to LA perpot, the judge said so. "The case will enter the next step in accordance with the conditions allowed by the labor agreement." But the alliance official Thursday afternoon announced that President Peterson will return to the exemption list, the next coalition will mention the judge's ruling to the court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit appeals. Peterson is still an unknown in the future of the Vikings. The former star of the league's most valuable player, running in a recent interview, said he still felt uncomfortable when he returned to the team after he pushed himself to the president's list of exemption in September last year. The two sides may also be in a financial deadlock - Peterson will pay $12 million 750 thousand next season and take up $15 million 400 thousand in salary cap space. Peterson has said he does not think he should accept a pay cut. Vikings said in a statement that their focus is "when Peterson can return to the team, he is welcome back." he is still under the control of the league, the players union and the legal system.2015 Foshan (United States) accounted for the United States bowling tour rookie Cai Yongxia won | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League 2015 Foshan zhanmei bowling (U.S. group) rookie game ended. Cai Yongxia won the championship, Li Yu won the runner up, and Chen Renying won the season. the next competition will be held at six p.m. on June 28th. champion Cai Yongxia runner up Li Yu season Chen Renying The first three pictures of

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