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even-even soccer equipment network England Bristol City Club official announced the team's 2016-17 season new home court Jersey next season will be wearing a red shirt, red shorts and red socks match, as the team in 1965-1971 years and at the beginning of the twenty-first Century season. There is a "The Robins TheThe official website of NFL | knee surgery, Peeler, is still expected to catch up with the regular season | football C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller) will leave the stadium for the time being. According to the NFL official, Spiller had received a small knee operation on Friday local time. It is reported that the operation is aimed at eliminating the greater risk of injury, and the operation is very successful. related people revealed that the operation did not affect Peeler's plan for the new season, and he would still be able to return at the start of the regular season. Last Friday, Peeler pulled out of the tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m's training game ahead of time and has not been in training since then. The saints have not yet made a clear official statement on the situation of Peeler. In the new season of , Peeler is positioned as the 3 runner in the team, after Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) and Chery Robinson (Khiry Robinson). This offseason, the saints and Spiller a 4 year, $18 million contract agreement. The running guard, who is good at catching the ball, will play an important role in the attack system of the saints.The official website of NFL | Drew - Stanton playoff comeback possibility for 85%| football in sixteenth weeks in the Arizona Cardinals defeat to the Seattle Seahawks home court, ceding occupy nearly a season in the National League West crown Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) in the game struggled, led directly to the Cardinals offensive almost stagnant, this scene also makes the Cardinals fans look forward to Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) to return as soon as possible to save the team from the mire. Can Stanton be able to play the playoffs? The Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) on Tuesday in an interview is a positive answer to this question. said Stanton Arians will have 85% chance to comeback in the playoffs, he also said that unless a major accident or seventeenth weeks, Stanton will not play games. He said: Stanton will start training this week and we will look at his physical condition, and don't expect him to play this week unless it is forced. Ali Anssi has previously said this week will allow rookie quarterback Logan Thomas (Logan Thomas) issued the first war in order to determine the plan in advance, once Stanton can not come back again or injured in the game, Ali Anssi also the first time to identify replacements. Arians said: we need to get everything ready before the playoffs this week, don't let play Lindley not because he doesn't play well last week, but we need to look at what is now the state of Thomas, see if he does not have the ability to play in the playoffs.The official website of NFL |NFL players to give up million contract to join the public welfare undertakings | football Jason Brown (Jason Brown) former NFL alliance Saint Louis rams center, he put down his 37 million 500 thousand dollar contract to help the people in need. when the goats were supporting the violent protests in the Ferguson area, their former players were on the other way to help others. Brown left the arena in 2012 because he was able to call a more noble call. He chose to give up the tens of millions of contracts for 5 years and become a farmer to help the hungry area. told Brown in an interview with CBS, "my broker told me that you made the biggest mistake in life, and I looked back at him and said," no, I don't have. at that time Brown was considered one of the best centers in NFL. In 2005, he was selected by the Baltimore crow in the fourth round. He moved to the goats in 2009, after which he started almost on the field, except for 2 games in 2009 and 2011. When he left the ram, many teams extended olive branches to him. 49 people in San Francisco, Carolina Panthers and Baltimore crows expressed their wish to join him, but Brown declined. didn't have any experience in planting before that. He bought 1000 acres of land in Franklin area, North Carolina, and set up some expert groups to work together. The unsafe index of food grown in the North Carolina region of his field is far higher than the national average. So he is working on a combination of different agencies to solve the problem. In this year he contributed 10000 pounds of cucumbers and 100000 pounds of sweet potatoes. said, "when I think about the great meaning of life, I think it is to serve the world."

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