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West | handball Olympic champion | said they did not condemn the IOC to make the right choice | hand Association , with great hope, Madrid insisted on the final match with Rio De Janeiro. With great disappointment, the crowd in Madrid Oriental Plaza reluctantly left. Some of them are crying, and some are shaking their heads. Samaranch helps Spain , on the morning of October 3rd, Beijing, International Olympic Committee announced the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, defeated Madrid and was successfully elected. In the first round of voting, the Chicago accident in the United States took the lead, the second round of voting, and the elimination of Tokyo in Japan. The right to host the 1992 announced, with Spain won the Olympic women's hockey champion athlete Mercedes · Cogan, in an interview with radio Marca, expressed their dissatisfaction: we should understand that in the process of bid for the Olympic Games, some of you and I are very difficult to understand the rules. Mercedes said it was a pity that this time they did not make the right choice, because Madrid was the most suitable city for the Olympic Games. And because of this, all of the Spaniards were in great disappointments.The Vince Lombardi (Vince Lombardi) cup is the champion of the major league of American professional rugby and the Super Bowl in the NFL finals. The trophy was named after Vince ·, a famous American football coach, and the name cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the long Bardi. He led the Green Bay Packers to the first and second "super bowl" champions. The trophy was made by the famous Tiffany company. Since 1967, the annual Bardi cup is made by Tiffany, Ron Bardi cup was originally designed to draw on a cocktail napkin, then won the NFL Commissioner Peter · Luo seylac by. It is 22 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds. The workshop in New Jersey is made from pure silver handmade with a market value of 3500 dollars. Pure silver purchased fine silver from Italy. Its production cycle is 4 months, so its value is even more difficult to measure. CEO Tiffany Tom O'Rourke has taken over 10 years long Bardi cup business, Orok said: "the core mission of our company is to celebrate some important moments in people's life and production of the corresponding products, I think the players championship is one of the most important moment of life." "The Bardi cup is a symbol of the honor that the athletes pursue in their life, so it's hard to buy a thousand gold, and it's priceless." Tiffany also wrapped up the trophy business of the MLB and PGA golf tours. Orok also explained: "the local craftsmen used the technology and technology that had been handed down from nineteenth Century. And put in a special Tiffany blue box to keep it. " ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sometimes, the Bardi cup will have a certain degree of wear and tear, Orok said: "the biggest problem is champagne." The worst wear was reported to be the Super Bowl champion of the New Orleans saints in the 2010 season. "Sometimes, there will be slight damage award in celebration after," Tiffany, vice president of the manufacturers award ed · W Rena Ke said, "we are always in a safe place a spare award, in case of emergency, but so far, no what big accident." After the celebration, the prize will be returned to Tiffany for the necessary repair, and the name of the winning team and the final score are engraved on the prize seat. Then the prize seat will be sent back to the crown army for permanent the US League Championship, James White (James White) missed some catching up near the sideline, which also made the fans miss Duhem Lewis more (Dion Lewis). The new England patriot running guard laced the knee cruciate ligament in November and missed the team's most important games. history can't come back, but the fans can look forward to the future. The return of Lewis in the 2016 season is an important issue for the fans. According to the related reports, Lewis had met with experts in the related fields and got a very positive result. No accident, he will catch up with the team's training camp and the pre - season. The patriots are not in a hurry to get Lewis back, and they hope to slow Lewis's recovery plan. The team wants to ensure that when the regular season starts, they can have a fully healthy running guard. Lewis's abrupt and sudden start - up ability was regarded by the Patriots, and his ability to catch the ball in the face of the misplaced defence was also commendable. Although he was not well known before the start of last season, he won the confidence of the team and the fans with actual performance.of the Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) three years ago as Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) was elected to the reserve team, although on Sunday to play a stable against hawks, but he still insisted Griffin III in six to eight weeks after the ankle injury return is still the core of the team. "I said Griffin III is the core of the team, but it doesn't mean that I have no right to do what I should do in the team to ensure that we win," cousins said in an interview with Washington Times on Tuesday. I still believe that Griffin Sans is the core of the Redskins, this is the reason he was chosen as the second place, he achieved great success here, do a lot of things for the team. My essential job is the backup quarterback. My duty is to perform the role of the substitute quarterback, hoping to bring the team to a good ranking so that he can better consolidate this achievement when he comes back. Of course, it's not that I can't be able to go on when he comes back, but as a substitute, I want to be a substitute for the quarterback. cousins in the Redskins to 34-37 loss to the Hawks, successfully passing 48 times 33 times, with 427 yards and 3 touchdowns scored 1 interceptions scores, and a week before Griffin III for appearance against the Jaguar team, successfully passing 33 times 22 times and scored 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. How did he perform? He is currently ranked in Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), ranking fourth in the rugby field outsider website (Football Outsiders) quarterback efficiency. , however, did not surprise the results of kocessias. Back in the 2011 draft, now the team coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) offensive coordinator when the Cincinnati tigers team, he had the chance to win in the second round of Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), but he chose Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) (Capet Nick is followed by 49 people off the team). Dalton led the team to the playoffs for three consecutive years and continued for six years under a $one hundred and fifteen million contract in the season before the start. On the quarterback, koxins and Dalton belong to the pocket quarterback, while Griffin III and Capet Nick belong to the mobile quarterback. The success of Groton's success in Dalton was more convinced that Cousins Big Lee Finn Sans would be better suited to the offensive system of Groton. In addition, Groton is now more open than when it was lost to the Dezhou team in the first week. koxings admitted last week: "at the beginning, I was a little selfish, and felt that for myself, a coach who succeeded in Dalton would be the best case." now, he's the first four of the red skin team.

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