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although the team can contain 90 people now, some teams still have to lay off staff to make room, Minnesota Vikings are one of them. United States time Thursday, the Vikings were released from three players. They are safety Cedric Thompson (Cedric Thompson), Marquez - Lucas tackle (Marquis Lucas), defensive tackle Stirling - Bailey (Sterling Bailey). Thompson was the dolphin's 2015 five round show, and he stayed with the Patriots for some time before he joined the Vikings last year. A forward contract was signed with the Vikings in January. Lucas joined Bill in 2016 as a drop in show. It was dissolved in September and signed into the Viking exercise field in December. Bailey was undrafted, and became the Seahawks in pony. I joined the Viking exercise field in September last year.A good | Bowling bowling match race in April month cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , all of you guys, good bowling tournament will be held in 19 games on 19 and 17 April this month. The total bonus is seven thousand and nine hundred yuan, and the champion will receive a 2500 yuan bonus! Take the first eight awards in the game! this month's biggest point of view is absolutely new 300 points Mr. Ge Qing can keep the state of the top! Let's wait and see Mr. 300:) also: the players who want to participate in the competition are best to register online. The operation steps: clicks on the "race" of the home page menu bar to come out with two options for national and regional events. click on the area after the event can see many arena event name, find the good bowling tournament. Click on the will jump out of three games in the bowling alley posted on the Internet, in February and March has finished the race, in the April event that column on the right side of the directly click on the online application, you can click on a good bowling cup in April to open the page to view information for events.The official website of NFL, Jay Cutler: the team had no choice but to support me in football wo due to Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) injury, Chicago bears had to return to Jay Cutler (Jay Culter) for the first time in eighth weeks. knows Cutler's finger recovery is a good thing, but considering his performance at the beginning of the season, the outside world has no confidence in him. A reporter asked if Cutler could feel that he could still get support from coach John Fawkes (John Fox). Cutler said, "he has no choice. I think I can only use it at this time. is indeed on the bear quarterback list. Cutler is the only quarterback who can use it. Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) can't play even the backup quarterback. Heuer only has Cutler on the list of injuries. Cutler also said: last week and this week I had a good communication with the coach, and the relationship between us was not very tense. before Cutler's comments on the outside world are not much, so this reply to the reporter's words obviously surprised the outside world. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.????-??????Eli Manning??????쨹???????????-??????????Jason Pierre-Paul???????????????|????????????????????????????????????????????? "obviously (Pierre Paul) is an important player," Manning said on Friday. "He is an important force on the defensive side, so I hope everything will be better and he will keep healthy and hope he can continue to play a high level in playing basketball." Manning thought the accident was "bad luck." He said, "I don't know the whole process of the accident, but you never want to see injuries to professional athletes, especially in ways that should have been avoided." Pierre and Paul received an amputation of the right index finger on Wednesday, a decision that was thought to speed up his recovery. He had a fracture of his thumb in the fire accident. The giant later sent a trainer to see him, but he was refused to meet. The deadline for the privileged tag players to sign a long term contract is July 15th, and Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew their contract before this day. He won't sign a $14 million 800 thousand privilege label contract until he can get back to health.

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