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The NFL and NFL players agreed on the new drug administration rules on Wednesday. Although the specific constitution is not announced, we have learned that there are 3 players will end the ban next week can be played: Denver Broncos wide receiver Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker), the Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) and the Saint Louis rams wide receiver Bailey studman (Stedman Bailey). Previously, the 3 players are unqualified because of amphetamine, was banned. In the new rules, the ban on Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) from Brown, Cleveland, will be properly adjusted. now, let's get to know the 3 players. Weiss - Wilke: Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is the most reliable out of the groove to return. Mustang said Wilk has passed the test of concussion, can play in the game. With Iman Nur - Wilk regression, Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and de Maris Thomas (Demaryius-Thomas) will return to the outside, Andre (Andre Caldwell) Devielle card has beco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping me the No. 4 team took over. This season, the Broncos offense will remain strong, with Jules Thomas (Julius Thomas) to return the outbreak and Wilke, have reason to beat the Seattle Seahawks mustang. Orlando Iskander Rick: Iskander Rick will play in this week's competition for rams, which will provide urgent defense for the defending team. However, only a Iskander Rick can't change the status quo of the cowboy second line. Last season, Iskander Rick was the team's most efficient corner guard, and he had a good cover in the slot. - Bailey studman: for the offensive team rams, currently Austen tahon (Tavon Austin) for lateral cruciate ligament sprain will be temporarily absent, so Bailey's return is a major positive. Bailey showed great stability in the second half of last season and in the pre - season. The young quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis), who has just won his first career victory, will have a reliable helper this week.a few days ago, the New York giant's outside hand to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) said he wanted to be the top player in the league. John Mara, the boss of the team, has recently shared the idea of the team. "He's worth the highest pay, and we're going to do it," Mara said. obviously giants will make Beckham's dream come true, and the team will give Beckham a secure future, but not the highest income. Beckham is planned to carry out his last year of his new show contract, when his salary will be only $2 million 600 thousand. Since was selected by the giants in 2014, Beckham's performance has been very efficient, 43 games, 288 passes, 4122 yards and 35 array. with the negotiation of the contract, Beckham's salary may be equivalent to $17 million a year of Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown).United Love Seattle Seahawks home court. Manchester United started their American warm-up in Seattle on Friday, beating Mexico America 1-0 in the first battle. After the game, the team manager, Lewis - Van Gaal (Louis van Gaal), complained about the quality of the court. "the field is not good," Van Gaal said. "It's hard to kick the ball in such a field. The first layer is the artificial SOD, and then the natural sod is covered, so the sod is always moving. It's not easy to kick up a ball like this, and you're going to suffer more and more injuries. " on the contrary, Van Gaal praised the Seahawks training base and the pitch. "The stadium is great," Van Gaal said. "We have to play on such a field, but tonight we have not played on such a venue. It's a pity." Seattle Seahawks and major league soccer match in the Gulf of Seattle people on the site. It's good that Manchester United won't come back again.The official website of NFL | patriot sacked the proximal | football winger Wright young the new England patriots in the offseason to adjust their squad, local time on Thursday, the team for the long list of proximal front were reduced. The Patriots announced that the young near - end front Tim - Wright (Tin Wright) was retreated. Before the start of last season, Wright was traded from Tampa Bay pirates to patriots. For Wright, the Patriot sent out the guard Logan Mankins (Logan Mankins) and a 4 round draft. Wright was excellent in athletic ability and was good at catching the ball, but the Patriots did not get much chance to play. Last season, he just received the ball 26 times, pushing 259 yards. On the other hand, in the limited time of appearance, Wright completed 6 catches and played well. the Patriots in the proximal wing position in addition to the league's best near a galaxy of talents, Feng rob '(Rob Gronkowski) Gelon, the team is also the offseason signing of Scott Chandler (Scott Chandler). Chandler took 47 shots in the last season, pushing 497 yards. After being a free player, Wright quickly attracted the attention of other teams. It is reported that the Atlanta falcons and the New Orleans saints hope to get in touch with him.

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