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Carol said on NFL's official website | Biliqieke speech "Empathy" | Rugby local time on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks held a regular press conference before the super bowl. Bleeding events related to opponents of the new England patriots again was repeatedly mentioned, the media are hoping that the Seahawks under this view. Coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) when asked whether he believes Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) after the speech, said this. previously said that he was completely unaware of it, and had not been involved in the decision or implementation of the air. In this regard, Carol said that before the game, he never personally checked the ball. Only the personnel responsible for the equipment and the quarterback will be in contact with these balls. Carol added that he believes Biliqieke Speaking Coach should not be accused of such events. At 's press conference, Carol also talked about running horse Sean - Lynch (Mashawn Lynch). Carol thinks Lynch is a very special play cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er. He is very self - conscious, but he also attaches great importance to team work. Carol revealed that no matter what Lynch does and what to say, the team will support him in the scope of his power.The official website of NFL | rams defensive end injury, look forward to this week | playing football Saint Louis rams are accustomed to starting a week of training on Wednesday local time. In the last few weeks, the team has decided to give some important players one more day off, and they are allowed to wait until Thursday to return to the team. This week Robert - Quin (Robert Quinn), Scott - Wells (Scott Wells) and Eugene Sims (Eugene Sims) were absent from Wednesday training. the most exciting news for goats fans this week is that the defensive core Chris - Chris is finally coming back. He took part in the team's training on Wednesday and did a good job. Team manager Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) revealed that the ram activated Lang on Monday local time and removed him from the injury reserve list. In the interview, said he wanted to take part in the game last week, but the team asked him to rest for another week to determine the situation. He believes that taking part in the training can help to recover the rhythm of the game, and he is confident that he can play with the Oakland Raiders this week. For the goats, they are not in a hurry to make a comeback. Fisher will make a decision before the start of the game, based on his situation.The official website of NFL | Graham: occupation bowl will decide whether to accept | football shoulder surgery Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) plans to repeat the dunk celebrations in a professional bowl, but the fun may be so far. the New Orleans saints tight end this week said he was still in the choice of whether to undergo surgery in the offseason get entangled long shoulder disease. This is what we have discussed and is still in consideration, Graham told the media. The job bowl is in some way a place to test my current situation. I have been resting for 3 weeks, and this gives me a chance to recover. It's a great feeling, and I'll continue to get the shoulder back and return to 100 percent. Graham told the media that he had not planned to undergo surgery by Thursday, but he had discussed a possible treatment process. The offensive players reportedly has spent most of the season by Lara shoulder injuries, but refused to clarify the injuries were aggravated, he said: even if (coach) Sean (Payton) (Sean Payton) did not stand here, he will be in 10 minutes to call me and asked what I said. Graham has never been out of play this season, but his 85 catch of 889 yards is the least since the 2010 rookie season. The injury obviously restricted his play in the second half of the season, making the career bowl the final test of his injured shoulder. , I will go back to Miami. I will take many planes and spend some time in the sky. I will finish as much rehabilitation as I can in the next 4 weeks, Graham said. It was an important week for me, just to see where I was. I feel good, this is good news, I will try not to accept the operation.on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland Brown's sparring squad signed wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), Viking season new attack Coordinator (Norv Turner) - Turner's last season in the Brown administration, quite familiar with Johnson. Brown last year was Johnson from the Green Bay Packers team sparring sign, but unfortunately Johnson tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the season. Charles - Johnson's stature and speed are good, but the Vikings sign him more because he is more familiar with Turner's attack system. And if Ronnie - Smith (Rodney Smith) is unable to fight because of the injury this week, Johnson will replace it. so far this season, the Vikings took only three and received a pass, are Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), a DERILL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) and Jared Wright (Jarius Wright) - yunus.

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