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The official website of NFL | Hall of fame linebacker singletery served as defense consultant | rams football Mike (Mike Singletary) - singletery regression NFL. , the hall of fame defense and the top 49 people in San Francisco, on Tuesday, told Chicago media that they will work for Losangeles rams in the new season and serve as defense group advisors. has been out of coaching since he was the Minnesota Viking coach from 2011 to 2013. Before that, in 2008 to 2010 served as 49 coach 18 wins and 22 losses record in the 2010 season, 1 games left the team when he was fired. From 1981 to 1992 as Chicago bears star singletery was the bears defense core, help the team to win twentieth Super Bowl champion and linebacker is one of the most devastating and most dominant in the history of NFL. Singetary's teaching career is not equal, but in the ram he will work with a group of excellent defenders.The official website of NFL | crow boss denied trying to influence on the football | Brady Award Baltimore crow boss Stephen, Qiu di (Steve Bisciotti) recently said that he did not try to influence the Alliance for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the verdict. reporter Qiu Di Thebes and pony's boss is believed to have been trying to influence the final verdict of the Brady last weekend. I did not, nor did I have to put pressure on the league, and the news of the news to me was obviously 100% wrong, said biscadi, us time on Sunday. Let's go on talking about the start of r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ugby and training camp. Because this is the concern of the fans. later on Sunday, there was a renewal report on the vent door event on the ESPN website. The news of alliance showed that biscrow didn't comment on the vent door event in public or in public.Author: Xiao Shen, NFL Chinese official network columnist, NFL event commentator Preface: the 14-15 season NFL seventh weeks, Denver wild horse home to San Francisco 49 people. Payton Manning came 4 touchdowns, with 510 touchdowns occupation career achievement broke 508 passing touchdowns Bret faffe keep original record. when Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne at 6 in the morning to the training field, they thought no one would come earlier than their own, but found Payton - Manning has been waiting for a long time. Manning arrived at 5, and he had been studying an hour of tactical manuals. when Anthony - Gonzales rested in the school dormitory and someone told him that a person called Payton - Manning went to visit, Gonzales was very surprised. In the past, Manning drove to Gonzales's school for several hours to help him adapt to the requirements of the professional match quickly. when people talk about Payton Manning, a string of annals data often appear in front of. But this time I want to talk about these two small things first. These two things have happened to Manning played the Colts period, but the occupation attitude throughout his occupation career. These two things are insignificant compared to the brilliant record of the 510 passes, but the basis for his great achievement. "we may not have seen Maradona and Jordan, but we saw Payton - Manning," I said more than once in the commentary. Manning is a more perfect man than Maradona and Jordan. He had no scandal, No gossip, no lace news, and everything he had had to do with rugby. The tabloid journalist wanted to find something wrong with him, more difficult than looking for freckles on the face of Audrey - Hepburn. but the perfect Manning doesn't seem to be so perfect. He is short of the 1986 World Cup Savior Maradona style performances, no Jordan 1998 sixth game of the finals lore jumper like god. In fact, NFL is not lack of a sharp personal branding of Manning, but most of the time he won the ease. Even when Super Bowl rate pony beat the bear team and a relatively simple game, the drama of Manning's winning story was much less dramatic. , and unlike Maradona and Jordan, is that Manning, though the God of the fans, is not necessarily an over-the-counter mass idol. Because he has almost no element of entertainment, he only focuses on the game itself. It's easy for you to think Manning is an irreplaceable leader on the field, but it's not easy to connect him with the word "hero" and "inspiring". In the 11-12 season, Manning was absent from all the games with a neck injury. At the time, some people predicted that his career might end up, even if the level of recovery would be discounted. To the point, Manning not only succeeded in returning to the game, but was more fearful than he was before he was injured. The story is certainly inspirational, but to a certain extent.The official website of NFL | hard construction team! Angry birds eventually became a flawless | football powerhouse this season after the column, wrote the Falcon, patriot, tiger, panther and Mustang favourites presentations, mostly introduced in this column space team strengths or reasons to win, but also mentioned the team defects and shortcomings, because in my opinion, the above teams are not perfect, and today the protagonist, I silently support in the six quarter, Arizona Cardinals, is the 2015 quarter of the most flawless white jade team, and there is no one. 1, the influence of the cardinal , 63 year old Bruce Arians are appointed manager of only 2.5 season and harvest season two best coach, which itself is an unbelievable feat. His career is frustrated, let college quarterback coach Arians early into the industry, constantly wandering in the University Stadium, Mississippi, University of Alabama and Temple University lefthis figure, ten years of university career, not only let him bathe Baer - Bryant Enze, coach of Temple University for six years, met the future partner Todd Bowers (An Quanwei). Until 1989, the 37 year old Arians had blossomed into an offensive that was the first time all rounder, coached the occupation field, for four years running backs coach for Marty Shaw's room. Whenever the coach will have one or more excellent tutors, but Arians but on the contrary, in addition to Bryant and Shaw's short and Teng together, then met the Arians are mostly mediocre, such as old Jim Mora, Butch Davies, Mike, Ricky venturi Niumulin Tang et al. Until chuck Pagano cancer invasion, Arians first stood on the stage is central. Although and great coach too soon, but is quite congenial with the great quarterback arians. In 1998, ah AI met the new show Payton - Manning, and Ai Ai took three years to let Manning learn to be steady and learn to beat his opponent with wisdom. In 2004, Adelman met rookie Ben Roethlisberger, a handsome three years after full charge attack, the outstanding from terror, let Ben learned a long time ball threat, and enhance awareness of the precision and accuracy of long. In 2012, Adelman met rookie Andrew Rucker, Clark itself basic skills are already complete, but Adelman changed Lakshmi grip player contact, change the wrong direction the toes and will pass when Iraq, great offense to rookie, let alone 7 times a season, fatal signs. came to the three season after the cardinals, reconstruction of offensive front, let Palmer, Larry Carson Fitz Gerard and other veterans returning the youth, flash on tactics, excellent draft vision etc., Arians simply are born coach. More noteworthy is that Arians are less than three seasons coached the cardinals, but the team under the high trust of its like Bailey Cheik.

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