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Bowling Hubei bowling tournament in October by Kham Yu Changhong won. the evening of October 23rd, Hubei University in 2016 October held a membership Kangba bowling tournament, arc player Yu Changhong to 812 points to win the 807 UFO player Yang Peishun won the second and 806 line player Li Shuangli was at third, Xie Chengjie won the fourth player 792 UFO, UFO 790 player Fu Zheping won the fifth, UFO female players won the sixth Fang Jiping 786. score first name Yu Changhong Liu Miss manager and first Yu Changhong, sixth Fang Jiping The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.over the past month, Chris Belland (Chris Borland), 49 of San Francisco's new rookie, completed 72 grabs in 5. He also helped the team to find a replacement soon after losing the Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis). The 49 defender duanfeng Justin Smith (Justin Smith) is also added to the young man praise: "he joined the team after the show their special side, some traits are difficult to learn, this is the gift. I believe his future will be brighter and he is born out of the ordi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nary. " What is more, Berland is not only a grappling machine, but he can also help the team to take back the ball. For tenth weeks, he had dropped the ball to help the team win over the New Orleans saints. A week later, he finished 2 copies in a single game to help the team beat the New York giants. Berland's excellent play has also made him the first player in the past 20 years to complete 70 grappling and 2 copies in a month. If Belland can continue such a strong play, he will be a hot candidate for the best defensive rookie.NetEase sports March 5th report: in last night's game in the Premier League, Arsenal 1-2 lost to Brighton, the tournament suffered four successive defeats, behind the Champions League zone currently has more than 13 points. The bad results made it difficult for the gunmen fans to accept it. After a fan called BBC radio, he cried, criticizing A Senna players for not knowing the meaning of his jersey. , a fan named Khalid, called the radio after the match. He was choking with excitement. "The atmosphere on the scene is terrible or even poisonous. There are several fans fighting in the stands, which is really unfortunate. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see the team that I've been supporting all my life... " fans blame the poor performance of the Arsenal players, "look at the 11 players on the field, they do not understand the meaning of their red and white shirt, heartless, not like Arsenal expect the kind of game passion and desire. You can almost feel that... I also watched the game on Manchester City on Thursday night, and the emirate stadium was empty, and you felt that you had to make a change... There are some things that should happen because they can't go on like this again. " "this is heartbreaking, I completely broken, because I saw his team lose the way, Brandon should get praise, should pay tribute to their hat. It was unfortunate that our first half could have scored three or four goals in the first half. It's really sad to see that it's sad to see what happened to Arsenal. " , but the fans didn't shout Wenger to finish class. "Now I think Wenger is a great employee of the club. I saw him look like he wanted to cry because he saw the legacy he had left behind. Wenger brought great football philosophy. He changed the English football, he contributed a lot, he has won two times of double champions, and built the greatest Arsenal ever. The Arsenal fans grief and wept while the move to BBC radio guest Ian - Wright is very awkward, as Arsenal legend, Ian Wright in the commentary of the game. But when he heard the choking voice of the fans, he took off his earphones and then silently contemplation. And people can't help thinking of the little gunman who was crying in the stands before the League Cup final. If Arsenal did not make a change, more and more Arsenal fans would be crying. origin: NetEase sports Author: the husband and the responsible editor: Feng Haotian _NSJS2656Address:102 Route 120 East Rutherford, NJ 07073Directions:From the George Washington Bridge: Follow Interstate 95 South signs to the New Jersey Turnpike's southwestern spur (Sports Complex to Exit 16W), which provides direct access to the Sports Complex parking areas. From the Lincoln Tunnel: Take Route 3 West and follow the signs to the Sports Complex and Racetrack. North on the New Jersey Turnpike: Follow the western spur (Sports Complex to Exit 16W), which provides direct access to Sports Complex parking areas. If congested, use the eastern spur (Lincoln Tunnel) to exit 16E to Route 3 West, then follow directions above. South on the Garden State Parkway: Garden State Parkway South to Exit 163 (Route 17). Follow Route 17 to Paterson Plank Road. Take Paterson Plank Road east to the Sports Complex. North on the Garden State Parkway: Garden State Parkway North to Exit 153A (Route 3). Follow Route 3 East to the Sports Complex. From Holland Tunnel or Brooklyn-Staten Island Bridge Crossings: Take New Jersey Turnpike extension to the Turnpike North. Follow Route 3 West to the Sports Complex. More information about transportation can be found on the stadium website.Parking:Rates are $25 for cars and $75 for RVs and buses. There are approximately 23,800 parking spaces distributed among 14 lettered lots at MetLife Stadium. In addition, there are 5,000 parking spaces adjacent to the east side of the stadium. Lots open three to five hours before kickoff. See the parking section of the stadium website for details.Transportation: Rail and bus service to MetLife Stadium is available. Trains begin running three hours before kickoff and continue for two hours after the end of the game. Visit the New Jersey Transit website or call (973) 275-5555.Information sources: New York Jets and MetLife Stadium.

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