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NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | Saint Louis rams and the main defensive end signed 6 years | football Saint Louis rams ensure that Robert Quin (Robert Quinn), a powerful passing player, will still be able to play for them in the future. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said Quin signed a 6 year, 65 million 600 thousand U.S. dollar extension contract, the contract includes 41 million 200 thousand dollars of guaranteed income, which will keep him in the 2019 season of ram. Quin's rookie contract is 2 years left, so the team has to abolish his remaining 2 - year contract to sign a new 6 - year contract. It was a happy day for Saint Louis rams and Robert - Quin, and general manager Les Snead said in a statement by the team. Since he came to the team, Robert has grown to be one of the most destructive forces in the defensive end position. , 24, is one of the most dominant passing players in the league. He got 19 shots in 2013 and was the firs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t to be the best team. Quin should be more popular last season in the competition of the best defensive player. If he plays in a big market team, he should get more touting. Quin each in his first three seasons in the season's contribution is gradually increased, from 19 to 10.5 captured and killed 5 times to capture a monster like last season. The four - grade player made 34.5 escapement with only 48 games. The 2011 fourteenth - position rookie is the cornerstone of the defensive front's defensive team. As the leader of NFL's best defensive frontline, Quin is undergoing ankle surgery on his teammate Chris Lang (Chris Long) and will take more responsibilities when he is at least 8 weeks away. The rams defense team is the basis for the possibility that it will be the bottom of the National League. The team in the future will be expected to count on the defensive team. The ram knows that Quin will play an important role in future success, and they generously give Quin a new contract.Baseball | Chinese baseball future worrying! A lack of a Yao Ming to attract young people Chen Yongcai , a Panama player representing China's War 0 to 6 is not the enemy of Cuba, 0 to 11, the score is lost to the strength of the similar Australia, 1 to 7 to the baseball power of Japan. On the evening of 10, in 2017, Japan's World Baseball Classic competition ended in group competition. China's team handed down the bleak transcript, ranking the bottom of the competition, and has already concluded the tournament ahead of schedule. ranked the eighteenth largest Chinese baseball team in the world, ranking the top ranked Chinese team in large group projects. However, the development of the Chinese baseball team is still at a low temperature, and the attention and support from outside world is relatively small. In baseball again to enter the Olympic Games under the condition that the Chinese team decide on what path to follow worrying. is going through the old and new World Baseball Classic is one of the most important events in the project amount equivalent to four of the annual World Cup soccer tournament. The China squad contains 15 pitchers and 13 fielders, which has played 4 consecutive World Baseball Classic veteran Chen Kun. There are under the age of 19, has just won the best right hander house Haicheng in U18 last year Asian youth baseball championship. The team has 6 players after 95, with an average age of less than 27. in recent years, MLB has helped Chinese Baseball develop some new talent for international competitions. The game contains 3 from baseball China baseball development center players Xu Guiyuan, Chen Yanpeng and Gong haicheng. Xu Guiyuan, the first in China to enter the small League of the United States, has made great progress, and is the most powerful combatant of the new generation in China. in addition, there are 5 naturalized foreign players China team, including all the Japanese team Zhang Baoshu for having heard it many times, in the face of a war, he hit a single in the third inning, the 2013 World Baseball Classic in Brazil, he was in the eighth game of the Chinese team to make timely, reverse Brazil. But Zhang Baoshu, 33, has revealed the idea of retiring before the game, and he will go to the MLB China baseball development center. as a whole, the Chinese baseball team, which is experiencing the old and new alternation, still has some young players, which is a fatal blow to this event. lacks a "Yao Ming" to attract young , as early as more than 10 years ago, major league baseball tried to expand the Chinese market. They wanted to pick excellent Chinese baseball players, send them to the major league, win the attention of Chinese fans, and better promote the baseball game. But the reality is not as lucky as NBA, and the "Yao Ming" of the Chinese Baseball circle failed to appear.Guangxi long Zhang Chunli won 2014 singles Huicheng national Bowling Championships | Bowling women's singles are also short of oil. Today, the national training team player Zhang Chunli has won the third gold medals of the national Bowling Championships, the gold medal of the women's single event for Guangxi. 2014 "Tiancheng HongRi" Cup National Bowling Championships women's singles performance venue: Shenyang Tiancheng ranking No. Acer bowling alley on behalf of the unit of G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 score sharing difference 1014 Zhang Chunli 256195249174214213 Yang Suiling 130121702015 Guangxi dragon Huicheng team Guangxi dragon Huicheng team 168226199269195214 1271212-303048 solutions: 1253209-484034 223204217228202179 Anhui team Liaoning team Zhou Xuan Zhang Yuhong 1246208-555051 Anhui 195226208205189223 193211169191204258 Wu Suqin 1226204-756052 team training base in Yancheng team 199195203244166212 yellow 1219203-827057 Liqin Shenzhen team 235184238169179192 team Beijing 193226214166192192 1183197-1189045 1197200-1048002 Kunxiu Du Wu Hongyi Jiangsu The delivery of two 198190215200181194 1178196-12310041 team Sun Xiaoping Jiangsu delivery team 206202186199227157 1177196-12411009 Zhuhai 178191266158180195 1168195-13312017 beautiful Qin Mao Li Qin Xiamen suncrown team 182180202180189233 1166194-13513021 185190195194205186 1155193-14614006 Zhang Hongxia Li Ling Hubei team Sichuan team Zigong 173181198145237215 1149192-15215039 team Dalian 183208193181 〉 I-Yun

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