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Beijing time as early as October 23rd, the 15-16 season's first game in seventh weeks, 49 of San Francisco's home court, the challenge is to start the season with the Seattle seahawks. Although the Seahawks start is not good, but the overall performance of the defense or trustworthy. In this game the Seahawks defensive group only let 49 people get a goal, and let them have 7 times without first round attack attack. Finally on the road to the Seahawks 20:3 victory over 49 people. the first section of the game, the advanced attack rate of 49 people, not after the first attack, the Seahawks beast Lynch (M. Lynch) on the 9 red ball on the road leading to success. The Seahawks 7:0. And Capet Nick's (C. Kaepernick) pass unsteadily led to 49 people and second attacks did not get the first attack. The Seahawks punt after the end of the first quarter in third of 49 people in the attack. the second section of the game, 49 people before the two offensive suffered a grapple at once lost code. 49 people have no choice but third kicks. The Seahawks are the difference with follow up a victory with hot pursuit, shot up to 10. After 49 men and fourth kicks, Wilson (R. Wilson) 43 yards of pass to find the relay Lokit (T. Lockett), the score into the 17:0. At the end of the half, Qianhai hawk had a chance to continue to expand the score, b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ut Wilson's pass to the area was copied by 49 people. The first half of the game the Seahawks to score a big 17:0. In the third quarter of , Wilson quickly delivered the second copy of the competition. Capet Nick finally found a little pass state in the latter half of the season, allowing the player to record the first time for 49 people. The third section at the end of the game, 49 people are still at 3:17 the Seahawks two touchdowns behind. paratelum of war, first attack with the Seahawks scored in the second half to play first. 20:3 continues to lead the seahawks. However, Capet Nick's ability to pass the ball is not enough to help 49 people quickly get closer to the score. The fourth section of the three consecutive first round attack without let 49 people powerless. In the end the Seahawks a boring game easily win 49. The score of the whole game is 20:3. data Wilson 24 Seahawks quarterback in 18 to take 235 yards, 1 touchdowns and 2 steals. Run guard Lynch's 27 shot, 122 yards and 1 shots. On the 49 side, Capet Nick's 24 passed only 13, and got 124 yards, and the 11 shot of the race haid won only 40 yards.The official website of NFL | lost red | Mansel substitute Brown at 23:24 football Beijing time on the morning of August 19th, the 2014 season in the NFL season ended the last second weeks of contention. Cleveland Brown almost achieved a big reversal at the last moment, but the final 2 points added no success. Ultimately, Brown lost to the Washington Redskins at 23:24. had once touted Brown starting four into battle in the game continues, popular niche Manzel (Johnny Manziel) on the bench, Heuer (Brian Hoyer) as the starting quarterback for the Brown team. On the side of the red skin, the team's core Griffin Sans (R.Griffin) led the first team. After the opening of the two sides of the offensive, the game was very glue, the first two teams were not scored. In the second quarter to 10 minutes, Brown first scored. Then the red skin followed the second quarter to the end, bringing the score into the 7:3 and the red lead. In the fourth quarter to the most intense time of the whole game, Brown first passed the scoring by rookie Manzel, and then succeeded in stopping the red leather team by defensive guard Jim Leonhard (Jim Leonhard), and achieved a continuous array, which made Brown take the lead at 17:14. However, red skin strong counter offensive, take back the initiative. Although the last time Brown Sean (Connor Shaw) touchdowns, but still did not restore the situation, by one point to the Washington redskins.The official website of NFL, Hugh Jackson: Brown was trying to find a way to avoid the 16 game losing streak in football nest Cleveland Brown's coach Hue Jackson recently said that the 0 - 9 - negative team will not end the season with a full defeat. had the team linebacker Chris Ke (Chris Kirkskey) said he set up a file to ensure that the team this season is definitely not a greatly, Chris told reporters: we are not 16 straight, we will never let this happen, events in the change, we continue to fight. on Tuesday U.S. time Jackson expressed support for Chris, Jackson said: we will find a way to avoid losing 16 in any case, this is not what we want, we don't want to be honest now 0 wins and 9 losses, we will continue to fight against Baltimore crow Thursday night's game is a new battle. Our people come here every week, we do these exercises repeatedly, we show everything we have and try to change the game, that's what we are doing. obviously Jackson's first season as Brown coach is a nightmare. Although the team always boasts that he has the most talented list of the league, Jackson has to have a headache for the changing quarterback list. even so Jackson seems to see the positive signal, he told reporters: I believe there are many good things are happening, but not because the victory unfolded, it is unfortunate, why we do everything we can do not get the result we wanted, but we know that American football is about victory and defeat. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Jacksonville Jaguar activated the 53 people's list of Ace Sanders on Saturday. Saunders was punished for 4 matches at the start of the season. The catcher in the offseason during a month of time to deal with missing personal affairs from the team training, which led to his suspension. The receiver should be versatile could quickly occupy a space for one person in the Jaguar catcher in the lineup, Lee took over his teammates outside the Maquis (Marqise Lee) and Cecil (Cecil Shorts) - schotz are unable to play because of injury this week against Pittsburgh Steelers game. Saunders is not the only player to return to the Jaguar attack team. Their main right cutting edge Austen Pasto (Austin Pasztor) will finish the first start of the season, which is an immediate upgrade for the Jaguar bad offensive front. The three - grade player fractured his hand in the pre - season. The player rotation at the right cut front is a continuing disaster for the Jaguar this season. Pastor in passing cover than open to punch the ball better, he should be able to give the next game rookie quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) more time in the network to protect the quarterback.

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