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sports big business 1197th phase, welcome to the best sports industry information platform Author: Feng Luo ran sports big business reporter 's $1 billion NBA equipment business continues to unveil a new page. In September 16th, Nike released the 2017-2018 season's NBA manifesto version of the jerseys, and announced that the mobile data transmission technology NFC should be implanted into the Jersey products. The Nike announced that it was the first time to launch the Jersey. The fans use their mobile phones to light the specific parts of the shirt, and they can walk into the colorful NBA information world. concept first, the main stadium shirt renamed in June 11, 2015, NBA announced the agreement with Nike to support the shirt equipment sponsorship. From the start of the 2017-2018 season, Nike will provide shirts for all teams in the league. The value of this contract is said to be $1 billion. is rich in traditional Nike in the field of basketball, replacing old rivals Adidas and returning to the most Hall - class basketball game NBA. Good to engage in the marketing of Nike has resorted to two tricks, "declared NBA new era of Nike". The first resort is named jersey. Before , the NBA shirt was named simply and directly, which was called the "Home" and "Away" in use. Some teams have third kinds of colouring shirts, which are called "Alternative". A major feature of the new season NBA print Jersey: equipment taking logo appears on the shirt. The picture is the New Jersey of Nicks, New York cheap nfl jerseys free shipping now the name of the Nike shirt is very conceptualized. The "home shirt" turned into a "Association" and "the stadium shirt" turned into a "Icon". The latest release of "Statement" is basically the function of the "optional shirt". Nike has always been fond of gimmicks, and the "renamed movement" is a new example. From the point of building the alliance brand, it is a unique effect to change names. For example, "alliance Jersey" expresses "the achievement of most athletes' lifelong pursuit", and the achievement of professional basketball players is naturally the highest level of NBA alliance. The "sign Jersey" represents the "legacy and identity" of each team. When fans see the color of the Jersey, they associate the corresponding team, of course, it is "very marked". Compared with the main road jerseys, the alliance Jersey and the logo jersey seem to have a little "cultural flavor", which guides fans to understand the cultural connotation behind their Jersey by unusual names. print shirt design details, generally require special introduction, now renamed the Jersey further emphasizes its "cultural connotation". The picture is Losangeles fast.The official website of NFL | kicker chief 23-20 against lightning | football lore NFL regular season seventh week in the AFC West Division of civil war, the Kansas City Chiefs to challenge San Diego lightning. Lightning needs this victory to keep the lead in the division, and the chief who has only won 2 wins and 3 defeats after that is hoping to make a good start for the rest of the season. The game started to get into a deadlock. Both teams have their first two waves to attack only by abandoning the kicks. The first attack is lightning. They had a good position to launch a good attack before the chieftain had to be abandoned at 11 yards by the chief. From the 39 yard line to start the attack they run together, by running back Brandon Oliver (Branden Oliver) and stability play quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) accurate passes smoothly to the chief of the red zone, then chief of defense group pass interference foul and help the lightning. Finally Rivers passed the ball to the near end John Phillips (John Phillips) to complete the 1 yards. The backward Sheikh's attack group began to wake up. After the return of the ball, they also began to attack from a good position because of a lightning foul. This wave of attack chief star running back Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) taifashenwei, except quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) to take over Dwayne - Bowie (Dwayne Bowe) completed 26 yards passing away, the rest of the attack were done by Charles, he made the 1 times for 16 yards touchdown completion. The chief quickly leveled the score. After the attack of the lightning failed, the chieftain's attack on the ball continued to help them advance steadily. This time, Charles was also helped by his teammate Nair Davies (Knile Davis). Thanks to the lightning defense in this wave of defense in 3 caused the loss of the chief code number in the key and red zone defense resist Charles third chief had to punch the ball kick shot 3 points. By the end of the first half, lightning was based on Rivers's excellent performance. The attack took only 41 seconds. Rivers completed the pass pass with Keenan Allen, Barkam Malcom Freud (Malcom Floyd) and near end Antonio Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates), and finally finished the 27 yard catch by Gates. The first half of the lightning was 14-10 leading the chief. begins in the second half and is first attacked by the chief. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It was a pity that the chief's attack was terminated before the lightning red area, and they were kicking for 3 points, bringing the score to 13-14. Once again let the lightning attack failed, before the chief of the continuation of the attack, Charles led by punching the ball into.The first home shirt of the Baoding large team a league is light blue as a whole, decorated with a new trend of gradual stripe, showing a new and positive spirit of the new army. Jersey back right side home court also joined a Chinese freehand blue dragon, the core part of it comes from the club badge. and home court Jersey collocation is black shorts and blue socks, shorts with blue stripes side. and away shirt collocation is blue shorts and white socks. away on both sides of the body and the back with more breathable mesh, to ensure that the outstanding player in high strength against the play. Away Jersey blue into multiple changing seaman lines, shaped like a breeze blowing over Baiyangdian on the waves, show the Baoding local pride natural scenery. details, two shirt collar embroidery after "Zhili (Zhili)" two words powerful, Baoding in the Qing Dynasty and early Republic served as capital of Zhili Province, has an important position in politics and economy, Zhili culture has become the history and culture of Baoding in an indispensable part. a shorts waist also shows "Zhili (Zhili)" two words, echoes with the design of the shirt collar. in addition, "Hebei" two words appear in a right rear leg pants, stressed Baoding as part of Hebei Province, Baoding brigade will fight for the Hebei football.and the rest of the first round of the 2014 show, lions tight end Eric bloom (Eric Ebron) - Ecuador has also ushered in the time of his rookie contract option is executed. but another factor in the choice of lions needs to be considered: whether they will pick up the near end with a high show. Before the draft conference, the general manager Bob - Quinn (Bob Quinn) said that this year's rookie tight end are very deep, whether to choose one of them will influence Ecuador contract option or not bloom. , "the possibility is there." Quinn said, "we are still dealing with Eric's affairs, but we will try harder in the next two weeks to see how things are going." now seems a male lion and tight end David - University of Miami Library (David Njoku) is most closely related, lion tight end coach Eyre Gordon (Al Golden) served as head coach of the Miami hurricanes.

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