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talks about the odd number of Jersey. Buffon passes through the controversial Number 88, Ronaldinho, the symbolic age 80 of the Milan era, and Lizalazu's 69, which is closely related to the year of birth, height and weight. But to say "wonderful flowers", Ivan · Zamorano's "1+8" can recognize second, no one dare to recognize the first. 1996, "Chile sammer" one of Zamorano from Real Madrid to join the Milan International Center, has been the symbol of No. 9. Two years later, however, his shirt number became "1+8". It turned out that Robert ·, the "melancholy Prince" of the time, was also joined by Baggio. And he wanted to get the No. 10 shirt in the team. unfortunately, the "aliens" Ronaldo was wearing the No. 10 shirt. "Alien" was not willing to wear the number 10 shirt, so just can be a "good". But Ronaldo also said: let out the shirt, but he must wear 9. As a result, "bad" is zamarano. Chile people cons cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ider repeatedly, decide the overall situation, the number 9 shirt for. It was probably the gleam. He chose No. 18 and added a "+" between 1 and 8. In this way, in the absence of a heavy number, the Chilean used a "humorous" way to prove to the world that he was still the 9. once blamed the aliens for taking Zamorano's number 9. But to think about it, maybe the "Prince of melancholy" Baggio is the "initiator" of the competition. coincidentally, this season in Serie B, once played in the Serie A giants Nor Jo Lini of Parma, his No. 9 Jersey to the vice captain of team play, and then choose the number 18 shirt. And he also added a "+" between 1 and 8. This is reminiscent of former Inter star - Ivan · zamarano. Nor Jo Lini has followed his predecessor, hoping to lead the team back to the top league.NFL's official website: "|" Forbes cowboy NFL team of rugby | highest value Dallas cowboys are not only able to win games on the field -- though some people doubt whether they can do that in the new season -- they continue to earn money in the field. It is expected that in the 50 most valuable sports teams released by Forbes magazine, the cowboys are the top ranked NFL team, and their value is 3 billion 200 million dollars. , together with New York Yankee, tied the list second, second only to Real Madrid. cowboy's value is far away from the next NFL team on the list. After winning another Super Bowl champion, the new England patriots were ranked sixth in the list for $2 billion 600 million. Washington's red skinned mediocre performance continues to have no influence on team value. They become a valuable team of NFL third with a value of 2 billion 400 million dollars, ranking ninth. The red skinned rival New York giant is worth 2 billion 100 million dollars (the total number twelfth), while the Houston Dezhou ranking is surprisingly high (1 billion 850 million dollars, the total sixteenth). has a total of 19 teams entered the list, enter the list of the other NFL teams were: New York jets, Philadelphia eagles, Chicago bears, San Francisco 49 people, Baltimore crow, Denver broncos, Indianapolis colts, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, the Miami dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee titans.even-even soccer equipment network seasonal changes of the ball so that Nike has to make timely adjustments, the arrival of autumn and winter for the world cast a shadow, and it needs a colorful football to arouse people's attention, the new Nike Ordem IV Hi-Vis highlight version games with the ball played a very good role. The new Nikethis week, the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs game can be regarded as the league's top two running backs duel. Finally, Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) - Lynch Sean's performance than (Marshawn Lynch) better, the chief to 24-20 won a decisive victory. Charles had often dropped the ball early in his career, and he had overcome this weakness in recent years. In this week's game, he has seen the second drop of the season so far. He said, "I have to learn how to control my rhythm and learn to stop myself. I think I have done too much at times, and I have to learn from Ma Sean how to control the ball and how to go on. It can make me better. " although the Seahawks by Charles dropped the ball once caught scoring opportunities, but Charles in the fourth quarter by a 47 yard rushing for the team's winning touchdown basis. Lynch had a chance to be a hero in the game, but he failed in the face of 1 yards in the 4 gear and failed to save the team. In this game, Charles ball 20 times, all close to 8 yards. "Every time I drop the ball, I ask myself to do more and better," he said. I have to keep hungry. "

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