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The biggest weakness of the Atlanta falcons, the first Atlanta rankings in Nan, is now to become more vulnerable. Dr. has confirmed that the injury to the chest muscle of Desmond Trufant (Desmond Trufant) needs to be operated on. The falcons announced on Tuesday that they had put the professional bowl corner guard in the injury reserve list, which meant he was reimbursed for the season. was injured in ninth weeks after the game, Teru Fant still can not fit to hold. 's loss of the team's top defensive star was a big blow to the opportunity for the falcons to win the super bowl. despite the impressive rankings of the falcons in the league, their passing defense was the first in the League rankings. Despite the impact of a passing progress, second tier defense in the 11 game opponents made 25 touchdowns, which has more cheap nfl jerseys free shipping than the total number of last season. After has been reimbursed at the trovte season, falcons will make the two round 2015 Jaron Collins (Jalen Collins) as the first group. They hope that he will be able to defend their opponents. The Falcon has enough firepower in the regular season win gongzhan. But once in the playoffs in the face of more intense competition, thirty-second of the passing defense can be a hidden danger.defensive tackle don Terry (Dontari Poe) - wave this offseason with Falcon contract, $500 thousand to 4 times with the weighing hook. 's first weighing is the compulsory Mini training camp which started in 13 in June. The weight of the wave can't exceed 340 pounds at that time, so that we can get the first part of 125 thousand dollars. He weighed 346 pounds last season, but the wave was not worried about weight loss. "Oh, it's very smooth." The wave said, "I'm on the track. As long as it goes on, it's no problem. " The wave training camp must be reduced to 330 pounds before the start of the training camp, two weighed in September and November, and he needs to maintain a safe weight to get all the $500 thousand.is one of the few able to publish negative views of the people of Pittsburgh Steelers can really hit the nail on the head. Cowell 1969 only 3 years since the team coach of Bill (Bill Cowher) is perhaps one of them. On Sunday 10-31 defeat in Cleveland shortly after Brown Cowell said that he coached the team "has become weak." In said these words before Cole told CBS. "I never thought I'd say that," (Mike Tomlin) - Mike Tomlin coached the Steelers currently 3 wins and 3 losses, they will look like is a reconstruction of the old teams, which made in the past 9 years into the 3 super bowl 2 degrees won the results is understandable. But this does not mean that group every week to comment the meritorious generals will be satisfied with the team. "they're very close to panic," the team's success told NBC on the day of Hayes Ward (Hines Ward). "The defensive team looks weak. The opponent can hit the ball with a ball. I watched their players' list and their second line defenses could not defend anyone. Offensively, I think I should never say this, but the Steelers offensive group is not the real thing and hit the opponent. I don't even know who the players are. "Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) recently presented his team's quarterback crisis response: "strong win." on Tuesday U.S. time, Kubiak coach at the breakfast meeting said that the current Mustang there will be more people quarterback competition, he said: "no matter who were brought into the Mustang, it will be a competition, we won't give him a starting position." Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) is now the quarterback of the wild horse, and Trevor - Seaman (Trevor Siemian) is also on the quarterback of the wild horse. is interesting. At the moment, the wild horse is also interested in Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) of San Francisco. The latter has frequent connections with Cleveland Brown and New York jet. from the manager's point of view, Kubiak seems to be more inclined to Griffin, due to the current Brown for Griffin is interested in the Mustang, if you don't act if perhaps they can pursue low probability of Capet nicky.

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