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even-even soccer equipment network Italy sports brand Lotto company and the German Hoffenheim jointly launched the 2016-17 season club team new home court two blues in New Jersey, Jersey clever combination, in a deeper blue against the club, the traditional blues show youth and hope. this weekend for the Bundesliga season finale, the Hoffenheim 's home court against Schalke 04, the team put on a new shirt for the 2015-16 season home court appearance, huashangjuhao. two Blues New Jersey in Hoffenheim team's ingenious combination, contrast the shoulder and arm more dark blue and the main part of the Hoffenheim formed a spectacular blue. In the past two seasons, Lotto has provided the home court Jersey from the club badge, the New Jersey has been extended this tradition, and the front four deep twill have st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rengthened the unique image of the club. Other details of theThe official website of NFL | Tom Brady lawyer award | rugby union shelling NFL for the Brady appeal the ruling called for defamation, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) lawyers to the court on Friday reiterated that NFL President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) are not fair to their customers, they want to overthrow the Brady was due to the release of the door the role of the 4 match ban. on Friday submitted to the court documents, Brady and NFL players Union chief lawyer Geoffrey - Kessler (Jeffrey Kessler) the written ruling Godell called propaganda articles and said to be suspended from the appeal was dismissed by the different evaluation criterion for treatment. Kessler said the alliance in the survey report said Brady know approximately to the ball after the gassing behavior asserted Brady was behind the behavior. Kessler said that because in the original report no such conclusion so this statement cannot be used to maintain the Brady ban. Kessler also said Godell's verdict showed a clearly biased arrangement rather than a fair and consistent effort. Earlier, media reports said Kessler wrote, "it's more like a defamation than a reasonable decision. The judge in who tried the case has asked both sides to try to reach a settlement agreement. But from the previous news, the two sides have seen little progress in this area. The two sides will appear in court again next Wednesday.The official website of NFL | Baltimore players to buy a new car to surprise mother crow | Rugby Baltimore crow's defensive line players Kell - Davies (Carl Davis) in the United States Sunday to present a sweet gift -- the new BMW. Davies didn't tell his mother about his mother's weekly prayer and gave her the surprise. It was learned that this process was recorded by him and shared on his instagram. In his share, he wrote, "thank God for giving me this opportunity to let my mother harvest this surprise." Davies was the third round player of the Raven in 2015. He completed a contract of 4 years and 3 million dollars with the team last year, but only 625084 dollars is the guarantee part. 's famous event last year was that he paid a $11000 dinner, and this time he used the money in the right place. In the season, Davies played 2 games in the first 2 games of the 13 games, and completed 11 grappling.The official website of NFL |NFL relocation London hot topic by bosses | football Las Vegas and super bowl are the hot topics of the NFL spring conference, but it's also a hot topic for anyone to think of a team moving to London. according to CBS reporter's news, at present, the team owners are indeed communicating the potential possibility of relocating overseas. Mark Mark Waller NFL international operation officer indicates that it is possible to move London. The contents of the discussion include the team's logistics, the relocation compensation and the players' supplement. Of course, there is also a boss that if the London team entered the playoffs, what would be the team in the remote Midwest? ?????????????????????NFL???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? maybe we can stop paying attention to Las Vegas because London may be the home of the next team.

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